Friday, April 8, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160407

On 5th May Kitano and Nakamoto will appear at
NHK「発掘!お宝ガレリア」= NHK [Excavation ! Treasure Galleria]

Curator, in other words..
as researcher we were look for treasure.
also, we were came to Lake Suwa in Nagano perfecture o(^o^)o

It will on air on golden week !
please watch it ~

Yesterday Yuuri . Nakada. and Nakamoto
were went to Iwate and Aomori \(^o^)/

we were talking about Under Live - Tohoku series 

we were also allowed to be cast on many live broadcast,
we're so gratitude !

Until the on air day come,
I will announce it later~
please check it out !

Ringo (apple) Juice so delicious ♡

I look forward for under live !
next time, I want to drink Ringo juice together with everyone (under member) ~

5 April, BOMBER-E o(^o^)o

zukkyun~ we were doing shooting ~♪
On the last time P.Night when I had 'adult journey' shooting,
somehow BOMBER-E staff-san were surprised.

it's become my 3rd appearance now 
BOMBER-E san, 
thank you very much !

please watch the other series on 12 April

6th April, Top Yell is on sale !

on this time series, I learned about beauty character (文字)
since Nakatsuka-sensei gave me a book that has been supervised by her,
I will trying to practice it in my spare time

Apart from the series page,
Karin. Sasaki and Nakamoto.
three of us were also interviewed !

Mainly the interview is about under live-kana?
please check it out !


4/10 Marquee
4/15 EX-Taishu
4/22 BRODY
4/23 UTB
4/27 ラジオ番組表 (Radio Program Guide - Magazine) 
4/30 月刊エンタメ Monthly Entame
5/5 発掘!お宝ガレリア (Excavation ! Treasure Galleria - NHK)

日テレ (Ni-tele)
12th April, start from 1:29 「NOGIBINGO!6」broadcast is starting !


Ganbareee Nakamoto~~~ Ganbare Kitanooooo~

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