Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160413



I celebrated my 20 years old birthday now

this is a thing that happen every year.
but honestly, my head is full of about (under)live now,
I need to focus

Time are goes so fast like just in the blink of an eye....

The things that I feel so grateful now is
to be able to work as Nogizaka.
and everyday that going to like indifferently is gone now..

Not only for short-term,
I want to more seriously thinking about my future now..
maybe it's because my age factor~kana? (think about it before it's too late)

20 years from birth until now,
I could meet a lot of people,
and I received many words of impression

there's  times when I made important decisions on my own,
there's also  times when I just go with the flow..
and somehow I could become like this now..

I don't really like myself,
but today I think it's nice to admitting that up until now I already doing my best..

I have a thought to be more competent in living my live, 
but after all it's not like my self right~?

I realized something in my recent interview,
"someday when I can become senbatsu member,
 I wonder if it can become a meaningful things to repay everyone who always supporting me" 

I said something like that.
and of course it's my true feelings...or
I just said it unconsciously

I was again felt that
my work motivation is come from everyone who always supporting me.

I want to please everyone,
and because there is a feeling to fulfill the expectations,
that's why I become an Idol now.

so that's why, from now on too,
I want everyone to keep expecting me and also the group.
as Nogizaka46 we still need to grow to aim the top.

to be able to meet staffs-san when working, 
and also fans who always supporting me.

all of you are important presence for me.
really thank you very much !

even just a little,
I feel so happy to be part of your life ( ˆωˆ )

and to be able to entertain everyone,
I want to become a wonderful human beings !

Papa, Mama, and my family,
thank you for raising me up until now !
I'm sorry because I always made you worry.

among the sisters I'm the most not straightforward and always moody,
If I become a parent and have daughter like this,
somehow I feel so pity.. (laugh)

become an adult, I want to have more consciousness,
from now on I will work hard,
so please look at me.

the truth is that I have many goals on this year,
and it's already listed in my mind..

and I thought that I want to declared one of it in here..

 [ I want to like my own smile ! ]

I mean, to have smile as weapon,
isn't that the strongest ?

Nakamoto Himeka

ps: please excuse my bad grammar :bow:

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