Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translations 160229


Samurai ELO is now on sale! 

on previous diary,
there were many thing that missing and I forgot to write.
I'm sorry ( ´ ・ω・ ` ) 

on BD Live I performed in
[Ano hi boku wa tossa ni uso o tsuita]
and it's not listed on the list

on the middle until the last, I was so exhausted...... 
after that, the words that I already wrote are
basically became a doubt for me!

next, on weekend there was Handshake Meeting in Kyoto~
the last handshake event for 13th single,
everyone who came thank you very much!

I received many warm words,
it became a nice 2 days ( ˇωˇ )
now let's look back for a little~!

◯ Nationwide Handshake Meeting

Shitto no kenri, even  it's my beloved song
now the opportunity to perform (show) it become more less.

then, start from now Cinq etoille was over...right
I feels so lonely now.

Nationwide handshake meeting, I was together with Kitano and Yamazaki in one lane

a long waiting time,
it's sure made you tired right? ( ´ ・ω・ ` ) I'm sorry

A lot of people came and met us,
I'm so happy!
there also many people who came and met me for the first time~

Kiichan and Renachi fans
who came and get along with me, Thank you very much!
of course himetan fans too~ thank you♡

many people came and talked about last winter Budoukan impressions, 
and expecting for next under live tour.
it because we three are performing on it right

many people requesting my 5 old years [that babu~~♡]
I did it many times,
then Kiichan got surprised.
And Zaki-san reaction was [woah it's real !] (laugh)

◯ Individual Handshake Meeting

Block 1 and 2, I wear kigurumi when in Bowling tournament

Block 3 and 4, as promised on Rajira, I wear pants style ~!

look at upper left!Wakatsuki!unwanted reflections!lol. sasuga (as expected)!

46 hours TV, Nogizaka Koujichuu, impressions of the magazine,
rajira, and others.
we talked about a lot of things ⊂( ˆωˆ )⊃

because it has been a long time since last handshake in Kyoto,
there a lot of things that wanted to talk about.
until the end, it was fun handshake meeting!

when we not meet but you keep checking me,
I can feel your support.
really, it has been transmitted to me!

thinking back again, on 13th is my first time
to have 4 block in Kyoto.
I though that; I can spend a long time more than ever now~~ 

on 14th it become 5 block.
I want to more concentrated on it so it could become a wonderful handshake meetings
I'm looking forward for it ( ˆωˆ )

Sunday night is time for Rajira Sunday! 

this week guest are 
Seiyuu artist Wataru Hatano-san
and from Nogizaka is Nagashima Seira-chan

This week mail theme are;
・「せ/se」「い/i」「ら/ra」name composition 
・ things that you want to do before graduation
・Muscle Nakamoto lovely. Pump Up ♡      *what?*

We are waiting for;
Cheering message for Rarin,
and for regular corner too

submit the letter from here!

ano, before this
I've been told to wear Harajuku T-shirt 

but I don't know where to get it.
at that time please just let me wear normal clothes. 
really, please don't expect it from me. (laugh)

and then one again.

NHK Radio Daiichi
「Campus Live @Fukushima SP」
Nakada, Chiharu, Nakamoto. Three of us
will become the guests! 

5 years since the Great Earthquake that hit East Japan,
it will be public live from Fukushima.

It's on the same channel like Rajira,
On 12 March (Saturday) started from 17:05~18:50
It will be live broadcast.

also, on this program
we are opening live view recruitment.
The deadline is until 2 March (wednesday) on 10 am

Please check the official site for more information
Friday is Sony Record delivery date
February last part delivery!
on this week there also studio live performance by K-chan~

Submit the channel from here ( ˆωˆ )

2/29 BUBKA
3/3  Otonahenoberu (rebroadcast on 3/8)
3/8  BOMBER-E Pナイト (Party Night)

On March maybe I can tell some announcement~

3/3 (Thursday) 19:25~19:54
NHK E-tele「オトナヘノベル / Otonahenoberu」
The theme is about 'Reverse Fire' on SNS. (check this for more details. sorry)

and then, one new announcement( ˆωˆ )

I came as guest on Nogiego!

it will on air on 27 March

this 4 people (Kiinchan, Ami, Kawago, Hirari) always working hard at this program,
to got called on this program is make me so happy.
Also I could get along with hirari~♪ 

(ドランクドラゴン) Drunk Dragon  - Suzuki-san,
we've been appeared together on Masakame-TV, and nogiego.
Also on previous Karaoke tournament too,
I've always taken care a lot by him ( ˆωˆ ) 

aa~~ one again (announcement)

On yesterday Nogino [no],
there was 14th single coupling song - Futougou by Under Girl.

once again it will have  dance number in it.
When you see it live, I think the impression (about song) with change.
so I would like you to come and watch it! 

aaa~~ pollen allergy.. it's painful~~



Another long blog. (=w=)
and it have many hard words......
please excuse and correct my mistakes :bow:

also I tried to translate Futougou lyric, check it out; link
and once again please excuse me :bow: