Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Kitano Hinako Blog Translations 160307

にじゅう (twenty)

hello !

chippu, chippa, chippesuto!*
chippu is my superlative !
I'm Kitano Hinako! 
*chippu is her dog. and cheap, cheaper, and cheapest are whats her means about words above*

and for now ! the 75th fan 
who were thinking about the greetings today is
Beima-san !!!

thank you very much !

Today I took express train at 7 o'clock.
with Himechan, two of us  were went to Nagano for works ! ! !

with Himechan, we are usually talking about various things ! ! !
today too when we go and return by express train,
we had a little talk and then sleep (。・・。)♡ (laugh)

next week I will stay in Himechan house ♡
well, I haven't tell Himechan.. but,
I will go~ ♡

Hinako Select

■(1)  maya-san■

⬅︎ ndanda! (Ayane voice)

➡︎ could it be Ayane fans right?
ndanda! I've heard Ayane-chan make that voice! it;s so cute ! ♡

■(175) chanei-san■

⬅︎ your appearance became more mature now, but the things you do are never changing right? lol lol
and you seems bought a lot of candy, but be careful no to eat it too much! lol lol

➡︎ you are right! my fun things are never changed, and my favorite things are keep increasing 

■(200)  Fumiya-san■

⬅︎ opening remarks 
minnasa~~n how do you do?
Greetings of tightening

➡︎ sorry I didn't choose this greetings
thank you very much!
next time I want to select this

■(307) Dadadadan-san ■

⬅ Kiichan,recommended Ramen shop?

➡︎The best one is Otaru-san ramen shop
from Otaru station it just 1 or 2 minutes by car

■(450)  taichi-san■

⬅︎ Futougou information ban not yet up right~? ( ・∇・)

I want to watch the MV soon!

➡︎ hmm that's right~ maybe just a bit more~

we also have not seen the end result of the MV !
I wonder how the mv become~

I think it becomes a strange world now !

Today select it's over !
see you tomorrow !

2 hair knots
this was the latest look

thank you for reading.

ps: I'm too lazy to write the last part. sorry~ lol
don't forget to write a comment on Kiichan blog! 

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