Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160322

Under Live
Nationwide tour, Nagoya performances
 ~Nagashima Seira Graduation Concert~

was finishied!

everyone who coming,
Thank you very much ( ˇωˇ )

we wanted it to be peaceful graduation.
up until now Rarin doing her works with responsibility
me and also the member were bearing to stand up on the stage

I was again felt that, 
because she is in there, she established us.
she is such a reliable person. 

on the last minute
before the graduation celebrating...
the anxiety. I couldn't fell any anxiety

but, through this live
I already reaffirm about my role.
"nationwide tour is starting soon. with this stance I will keep moving" something like that

to stand with Rarin on her last Idol stage,
I'm really glad.

at the last part, after curtain went down
I said [somehow the true feelings are not come out right?]
then everyone were laughing while heading to dressing room

after that,
the lonely feelings will keep increasing right~~
hmm, and the scene won't come out too right~?

if there's something happen,
I think I will go and meet her asap (・∀・)b

when I got back to Tokyo,
I was watching video live.
her smile is so bright and dazzling

her carefree smile,
no one can't do it the same like her.
it become her trade mark.

taking her first step to her dreams
I will support her.

Congratulation on your graduation!

and with Rarin graduation, Nogidan is disbanded now.

performance on 20 March was our last performance

after doing rehearsal for under live, we were gathered
and went to studio to practice until late.
everyone said [somehow we are like band~right?] ( ˇωˇ )

started from Kishidan van live,
Seibu dome. Taiwan performance, Nogizaka46 Show
we have been playing in various places~~

chance to interview w/ Sho-san won't be forgotten too.

we've got a lot of experience

Thank you very much Nogidan ! !

3/19 Spirits is on sale !

Marika, Sayuri, and me.
three of us were allowed to be on the cover and also did featured gravure 

The cameraman is Kawashima Kotori-san !
and it was collaboration planning with [Furoga-ru] too !

three of us... that means Onsen!
we went to Atami~
It was so fun ( ˇωˇ )

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

this week guest are
seiyuu artist Toyosaki Aki-san
and from Nogizaka is Hashimoto Nanami-chan

last sunday on march is Nogizaka times~
please listen to it~

we are waiting your message for Nanamin~
every Friday is time for Sony Record delivery update !

3 episodes has been delivered,
by all means, please check it out

you can submit the channel from here

tomorrow 3/23
is 14th Single [Harujion ga sakukoro] released day !

ah, also
I will appear as guest in [Myu~komi + purasu] too
please listen to it !


3/23  myu~komi + purasu
3/27  Nogieigo
3/28  Namadoru
4/06  Top Yell
4/10  Marquee

and last !

there is seminar on this weekend
I will be part on Nagoya venue !

it's the first time for us to do something like this.
and we don't know how it's going to be~~
so we are looking forward for it o(^o^)o


ps: I bet there are many error or wrong grammar. Also, this time hime blog level is high...
please do correct my translations :bow:

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