Monday, March 28, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160324


14th single 
[Harujion ga sakukoro] is released!

on my individual PV,
I did 12 changes (fashion style),
so you can see various of me (´。•ω•。`)

thanks to the time that we passed together,
after it ended, I could feel the nice atmosphere
just like family..
it was such a warm place (´。•ω•。`)

I thought that the staff-san were more tired rather than the performers.
but, everyone were [we already in here, so let's make wonderful things now!]
and we were work hard until the end
so, please watch it !

I've been allowed to cast on myu~komi + purasu (^o^)
it was so fuuunn (^o^) !

before the program started,
me and Yoppi-san were talk a lot about anime and idol things (^o^)

on the program too, when song played too 
and when announcement too,
we keep talking about our hobby (^o^)

it was really fun!
thank you very much !

◯ Application Game [Nogi-Koi]
◯ Manatsu Zenkoku Tour 2016
◯ Nogizaka LINE account

 it seems that there's a lot of announcement right~?
I'm not really update with it (laugh)
so please, everyone check it on Nogizaka46 Official Site !

seems that there also Nogi-koi official site!
Sunday night is time for Rajira Sunday!

on this week, the seiyuu artist guest is Toyosaki Aki-san
and from Nogizaka is Hashimoto Nanamin-chan o(^o^)o

◯ Himetan 1 year look back 
◯ Norikoeroo! Kimi no kyushamen !
◯ Character changed Showdown
◯ PERFECT HUMAN delusion

Support messages for Nanamin,
and for regular corner too~
we are waiting for it o(^o^)o

you can submit it from here;
3/27 Nogieigo
3/28 Namadoru
4/2 Gravure the television
4/6 Top Yell
4/10 Marquee
4/22 BRODY

it's been 1 year since my last appearance on
Gravure the television o(^o^)o

last time theme was [had Himetan feels on it]
this time theme is [have Himetan feels on it too]
hmmm, seems that my own personality is become changed.

people who had it maybe could understand,
that on vol. 40 last year was a bit messed up, so

on this year to be better than last year
I think it will have better interview on it ( ˇωˇ )

there's a lot Spirits-san off shots 
Yukata is nice~
but I really like this sweater 

while saying "uee--iii~! it's pool !!"

gladly crawling Sayuri,
swimming Marika
and not caring Himeka

don't forget to buy Harujion ga sakukoro type B!
it has hime individual PV on it~~!
can't buy? :( well... check this out : HIMEKA STYLE
credit for 天翼羽魂 ーさん thank you very much :bow:

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