Monday, March 14, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160313


I was allowed to be part of cast in
[Campus Live @ Fukushima SP] on 12 March!

5 years since the great earthquake hit north east Japan.
we were allowed to do live broadcast from Fukushima.
also we were allowed to interview Tohoku college students,
and heard real thought from them.

together with everyone 
we spend the time to thinking and talking about rehabilitation; and things that what we can do now.
that was a very valuable opportunity for us.

on this program there were a lot of message who said
[we want to see the actual situation] 

of course, for people who lived far away from here.
it might not easy to come here.

so that's why,
through media we could report the current situation in here.
and I was once again realized the importance of the catch (receive broadcasts)

Today was MV collection event;
Tea party, caricature meetings, and recording meetings !
Everyone who coming, thank you very much ( ˇωˇ )

by the way, to appear with new uniform is fresh right?! 
iya~~ or maybe not~

since the event on April are not quite many.
it was so fun to met you all today!
I wonder how the next handshake meeting will be~?

Under Live performance in Nagoya this week! 
First day of National Tour,
and it's also become Nagashima Seira-chan Graduation concert.
Precious Nagoya Show.

started since 2 years ago,
we sang From Tokyo, and jumped out to
nationwide venue now~~ 

Under Live's unique atmosphere 
is a "sense of unity" 
it will be nice if everyone could feel that feelings.
and I want to absorb something on every performance.

to be able to showing wonderful performance, I will do my best !(^o^)

because I don't know I can update blog again later,
then, let me tell you now~

Himetan penlight color are
Pink x pink !
yoroshiku onegaishimasu~♪

Under Live Nagoya Show
Limited T-Shirt are so cool

at Guam hotel, with Rarin-neesan

Friday is time for Sony Record update!
this month duty report is Suzuki Ayana-chan
we already delivery 2 episodes in 2 weeks~

you can submit the channel from here
3/18 AKB Newspaper 
3/19 Big Comic Spirits
3/27 Nogieigo
4/10 Marquee

there's a lot of new announcement ~

On AKB newspaper,
me with Ayane-chan, two uf us
were talking about Under Live.
I think this two shoots (combi) is rare right?

On Spirits-san
Marika, Sayuri and me. 
three of us are on the cover! and also intro gravure too! arigataki! (grateful)
we also went to Atami~~

On Marquee
I have my first solo interview
also the photos are have girly feels on it.
please looking forward for it (^o^)

yup, yup. next week Rajira
is become SKE week~

3/20 SKE、and on 3/27 will be Nogizaka week

On Saturday, Shigegori-san got replacement.
I also got surprised ( ´ ・ω・ ` )
it's been 4 years since I following him since wktk era.
Nogizaka-chan too has been taken care by him.

On this year last 2 weeks
either it's Saturday or Sunday.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu !


no ps~kana?

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