Thursday, March 10, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translations 160309


I have good news for everyone !

Me, on this year will continue
to become regular assistant MC on Rajira! Sunday

and there also the poster ( ˆωˆ )♡

start from last Spring (150405)
to be able on this program with Oriraji-san and staffs-san,
it's such a wonderful meetings..

a lot of things happen,
and I'm allowed to learned many things in past one year.
and I always looking forward for Sunday to coming, I can't wait for it.

and that's why, 
Rajira it's very important time for me.

and radio listener  too.
if you have thought like that too,
I will be so happy ( ˆωˆ )

next year Rajira! will continue..
yoroshiku onegaishimasu !

did you watch
BOMBER-E P.night~?(really recommended to watch!! link : @48_video

Stevanie-san, Matsuda Rina-san and me.
three of us were strolling in Tokoname city (^o^)o

girls meetings o(^o^)o

we were harvesting strawberry, made pottery,
and had girls talk in cafe !
it was a really fun day ♡♡

next time, it will be fun if we can meet in Tokyo
for works or in private time o(^o^)o

usually we were not together either in activity and location,
to have talking like that,
it was fresh and exciting !

taking photos with strawberry,
it's really Idol-ish right? o(^o^)o

Sunday night, it's time for Rajira Sunday!
last week, the guests were voice actor Wataru Hatano-san,
and from Nogizaka was Nagashima Seira-chan !

with Seirarin, 
when 46 hours TV, pair hotel when recording overseas and etc.
recently we've been always together (´。•ω•。`)

we've been allowed to spent various times together.
more than anything, it's really make me happy (´。•ω•。`)

muscle Nakamoto lovely pump up ♡ *segment on rajira*
it's because listener were so care of me,
the unusual submit or message were not coming. (laugh)

*recommended to listen! * start from 7:50

since the corner was so fun!
if there is a second time, 
please do not hesitate to send more and more~
but please note the nickname ! ! !
(muscle is because rumor of her drinking protein. info from sayunyan and fans)
(she don't like to get calling 'muscle nakamoto' lol)

Friday is time for Sony record delivery update !

we were talking about inside story and recent reports of 46 hours TV.
and also the loose talks (^o^)

This month duty report is Suzuki Ayane-chan
please watch it ☆

14th single bonus,
the individual PV bonus trailer is up !

This time the director is Kentaro Osawa-san.
the theme is stylish comedy.

we were doing a whole day shooting, 
after shooting completed,
I felt the atmosphere that the shooting team has been like family !

the point in the trailer is
it's showing a young lady who woke up with stylish.
then continue to the main part and it's became a chaotic thing......

my various expressions, and various of me too.
I hope you can enjoying the video (^o^)


3/12 Campus Live @Fukushima SP
3/18 AKB新聞 (AKB Shinbun/ Newspaper)
3/27 Nogieigo

3/12 NHK Radio Dai ichi 17:05~18:50

「Campus Live @Fukushima SP」
Chiharu, Nakada, Nakamoto. 
Three of us will be cast on there.

5 years since the great earthquake hit East Japan.
it will be live broadcast from Fukushima.
I hope we can recall it together with everyone. 

3/13 MV collection special offer event 
Tea party, Nigaoe-kai (caricature event), Rokuon-kai (Recording event) --- (more details : sorry)
everyone who come, yoroshikune ~ ( ˇωˇ )


ps: Himeeeeeee congrats for continue in rajira!!
rajira presence is so big for her, and for her fans too!
Really. Big!! we are so grateful to Rajira. :deep bow:

seems Hime is the center for under on 14th single. But she haven't said it.
if yes, then it will be her 3 times. same record like Marika \0/ 
tho I hoping Kiichan :'3 

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