Monday, March 21, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160318

a~! The profile picture is in 14th uniforms now!
starting from tomorrow,
Under Live Nationwide Tour is starting

Start from Nagoya show,
it will be Seirarin graduation concert.
we'll do various things.

I hope it will be fun until the end ♡

it looks like elegant tea time style,
but actually it have pretty bitter aroma..
when you drink it, you can taste tea and candy flavor.

Manager-san who prepared it for me (´,,•ω•,,`)
and then after the live ended,
it soon turn to be 14th single released day

Under song coupling is on Type-D
and my Individual PV is on Type-B

Himetanshika--! no minasan,
please check it out ( ˇωˇ )
yup yup, the MV ban has been lifting up.

on this 14th single Under song [Futougou]
I get the chance to be served as center.

my first 1 center was when the 11th single.
it has been 1 year since that time right?
to get the chance as center again, I feel so grateful
I feel that the atmosphere of under member 
last year and now are changed quite a lot.

member formation is changed,
and each member responsible is become bigger.
I noticed my self, that on this team
I had become in Oneesan side now.

the layer is thick, whoever got in the middle position...
this time under member are like that.
so sparkling, and everyone are reliable.

on the middle situation like this, this time 
I've been chosen as the center.
Once again, I want to think about it's meanings.

unchanged things is the scariest..
to the fullest, I will do my best.

and, I have new announcement!

on 23 March 24:00~24:54
Nipponhōsō [Myu~komi + purasu]
Nakada and Nakamoto will cast on it!

waaa--iii \(^o^)/ I'm so happy !

this program homepage is here;
We are waiting for your mail~~

4/6 Top Yell is on sale

the series of [Nogizaka46 Nakamoto Himeka is challenged ! ]

I have to challenge various things on every series
this time, Nakatsuka Suito sensei
has teach me about [beauty character] !
calligraphy is so fun yoo~ o(^o^)o

3/18 AKB Shinbun (Newspaper)
3/19 Big Comic Spirits
3/23 myu~komi+purasu
3/27 Nogieigo
4/6 Top Yell
4/10 Marquee

I want to post Spirits-san (off shoot) photos soon !!

Every Friday is time to Sony Record delivery update.

March duty report is Suzuki Ayane-chan,
and the guest is Thinking Dogs-san (^o^)

somehow there was a lot of chaos happen
himappi kabe-don ! ! !

you can subscribe the channel from here;

Zaka (坂) pose!!

ps: Seirarin graduation concert is over ;_;
hoping Nogizaka46 show will show it even just a bit.
please released it in DVD !!

Rarin! Otsukaresamadeshita!! #永島聖羅

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