Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Double ! ! Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170522 & 24


*scribble scribble*

ugly Rajira-kun.

( I'm sorry Rajira-kun ! ! ! )

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

Our guest last week is Hoshino Minami-chan !

We talked about our recent hobby, travel and other things.

I also draw Rajiru-kun !

What a fulfilling 2 hours !

Seems that Minami-chan weapon are increasing whenever she came here..

I really like Minami-chan voices o(^o^)o

The last「bye bye」was really kyuut ! !

We always do reflection meeting whenever Rajira finished,

But last time,
staff-san were immediately
suggested what kind of battle that we should do when Minami-chan come again~~

Next Nogizaka week is on 4th June !

Team Rajira is greats ! (´。・v・。`)

Nogizaka 3rd album 「生まれてから初めて見た夢 / The first dream that I saw since I was born」is going on sale soon.

Please listen to 「ごめんね、スムージー / Gomenne Smoothie」unit song

I also recommended the Live video (DVD bonus)

By the way,
Nakamoto already get the Album~

And I'm so happy because 「不等号 / Futougou」live performance is recorded too ~ ~

Seems that my clothes tastes are changed

Though I forgot to take photo of today clothes,

Long skirt with mustard color is my recent favorite.

Recently I like to wear clothes that made from hemp and linen to make me relax.



Nogizaka46 3rd Album

( Umaretekara Hajimete Mita Yume -  The First Dream I Saw Since I was Born )

Is on sale now !

Please tell me your impressions about it ( ˆωˆ )

Me and Ikuchan will appear on SHOWROOM
「Let's celebrate Nogizaka 3rd album release with everyone - Special!」

On 26th May, start from 8pm~

Please watch it !

You can read : "Why Ikuchan always making a serious looking face" on Nakamoto expression

Ah !
There is handshake meeting in Kyoto on sunday !

People who will come,
please take care of me.

Although you can only participate (hs w/ hime) with 16th single, transfer ticket

I can't wait to meet everyone in Kyoto o(^o^)o

Since it can be used on any block,

It has nothing to do with sleeping late, right~~?

Like when you said I'm sorry I woke up late~

Let's enjoy our day together !



6/6 Manga Action

6/6 TopYell July edition

6/9 Monthly Newtype July edition

6/15 EX-Taishu - July Edition


7/1~ Nogizaka46 Manatsu no Zenkoku Tour 2017


5/24 Nogizaka46 3rd Album

( Umaretekara Hajimete Mita Yume -  The First Dream I Saw Since I was Born )



Angelic Hime

Devil Hime


Himechan ! Himechan !

Seems that this is the latest 2 shoot that I took w/ Hime
-Iku Blog 170524

(1 year ago? Whhhat?? )

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