Monday, May 8, 2017

Double Blog Post ! ! Nakamoto Himeka Blog Translation 170506 & 170508


On next Rajira Sunday,

The new song from the third album :

「ごめんね、スムージー / Gomen ne, Smoothie / I'm Sorry Smoothie」

will be played for the first time !

It's an unit song from 3 people who gathered since the New Year :

Marika, Sayuri, and Himeka !

On the other day,
they held a party to celebrate my birthday

Stunning Marika-chan~


Listen to Gomen ne, smoothie here :

Credit to @nogiclub on twitter !


1st form : Twin tail
2nd form : not twin tail
3rd form : If I have the mood to do twin tail, I will do it.

Well... I was in the mood to do it, so I did it.

I will live freely ~~

Individual handshake meeting in Nagoya

Thank you for coming !

Recently, I like to dress like this.
Something that look not girly, but not ethnic too.

I also enjoyed handshake in my own pace o(^o^)o

I'm glad I could show my healthy appearance in front of everyone !

And I have not been to Nagoya for a long time right..?

Thank you for waiting for me.

I also heard that there are people who cry for me.

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

Last week guests were Noujou Ami-chan and Itou Karin-chan (^o^)

How was
「ごめんね、スムージー / Gommen ne, Smoothie」?
Please tell me your impression !

Because on that day was the last day of large consecutive holidays,
everyone were in high spirit !

It was really fun. I laughed a lot.

I want to do Song Introduction Battle and Game of Life again !

And I want both of them to come to Rajira again !

I went to New York with my mother and my little sister !

Because I'm an indoor person,
I'm not too interested in traveling at all..
but my mother forced me to go...

Though she said :
"Let's change the mood during this holidays !"

I got back earlier than planned.

We went to shopping,
Musical appreciation, Sightseeing and other various things... but !

I really enjoyed it when I watch Apollo Theater's - The Amateur Night

At the stage where those who like purely singing and performing performances gather, the atmosphere on the venue..
ARE REALLY different from Japan.
That was so fresh for me.

I thought that the world that I think is still small...

For example, I believe that :

- There are places that catching  complex as charm...

- When we do not understand the words..
Tell it,
if there is feeling to listen to it,
Something will happen..

- Smile is universal.

 - All babies are cute.

That was my first time abroad in private !

I made a lot of memories and experiences

And it makes me feel to do my best at works again ( ^ o ^ )

And it might attract me to bring Monika to visit domestic pension place~~

I feel a little love with traveling ♡



5/15 EX-Taishu - June Edition

6/6 Manga Action


5/24 Nogizaka46 3rd Album

( Umaretekara Hajimete Mita Yume -  The First Dream I Saw Since I was Born )


Our indoor Hime was forced to go to NY by her forever 20y.o mother..

4day "luxurious" holiday in NY huh?

As expected from Nakamoto fams!

Based from Rajira, she went to NY the day after last week Rajira (monday morning?)

Oriraji-san and Even the Rajira staff were so surprised ! LoL

That's why she was so genki on Nagoya hs right..?

Iku might get jelly... 🙊

You can listen about Nakamoto fams golden week story in here :

Or in BM channel !

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