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Rajira Sunday - 2015/12/20 (Trio Onsen?)

Listening to Rajira Sunday らじらーサンデーis now in my weekly to do list \0/ (Hime episode only~ lol)

most of not Hime fans are not listening to this right? lol.
Started from 2015/04/05, Himetan  as regular assitant on Rajira Sunday.
She will be on this Radio Program every 2 weeks. (Nogi, then SKE)

Many good informations from here, and I will write it (the interest ones) one by one..

Starting from Trio Onsen (Christmas) episode on 2015/12/20 

Until I write this, this is the most interesting episode for me ! lol

- Trio Onsen ? no. the truth is Trio Christmas ! they went to onsen only 2 times lol.
And Sayunyan oftenly go to onsen with ikomachan. lol
because of that "Presents taikai from nogichu" they are known with Trio Onsen, but the truth is they are trio Christmas !

- Trio Christmas was Planning to do Nabe Party on Christmas, because go to "Kyoto" is impossible because of works. But too bad Himetan had event with Cinq Etoille~ lol
later, it seems they did nabe party on 5 January 2016 (based from Hime mobame)

- Marika on Himetan : at first himetan was really a negative person, really a negative person. But lately, when I watching under concert and see Himetan as a center, I think she is very cool. "where is the old himetan?" I said

- Nickname "sayunyan" is given by members. But the truth is Sayunyan didnt really like to called by that nickname. "its embrassing" she said. "I like that nickname, but its embrassing" >//<
she prefer to be called Sayu, or Sayuri.

- "Marika dont like koke (moss)?" lol
because her episode in nogichu with koke, she started to being called as コケ人間 (koke ningen) lol
she like moss, but its not like that 'too'.. lol.

- Christmas Trio relationship? :
- Sayunyan : "I'm a good friends with marika, I'm a good friends with himetan, also marika is good  friends with himetan too. But why people keep questioned us that we aren't getting well? it makes me  soo angry" 
- Oriraji : "you dont need to be that angry! lol. remember that this radio program is live ~! lol"
- Sayunyan :"Because its live program, thats why I must say that! lol"
- me : "lololololololol"

theme from listener : [say sorry about something now!]
- sayunyan : "sorry, but I will go to onsen by myself later"
- himetan : "eh really? do you heard about that?"
- marika: "no. but.. but, actually we dont need such an appointment right?" 
- Sayunyan, Hime, Marika : "yes, thats right"

theme from listener : [what do you want boys to do for you]
-all : this is very girlish talk right?
-all : and we are bad when talk about this topic right? lolololol
-hime : I want to be atama pom-pom~~
-sayu : I like boys with megane
-marika : I like boys who share the same interest with me

theme from listener : [among of us who will be a good wife ?]
- marika : we havent talk about it right?
- sayunyan : surely I dont want to be getting married
- himetan : here it comes! here she comes! why? why? 
- sayunyan : alone its better. even when doing anything, do it alone its better. 
- marika : me too.. I think I cant getting married.
- himetan : me too getting yelled that I cant getting married
- himetan : this is not good. this joshikai is not good (helpless tone)
- oriraji : please continue it~~
- all : lololololol

Thats it!
If you want to listen to this radio episode :
I tellin you, this episode is so hillarious!! must listen~!

also, thanks sayunyan for choose me as a winner \0/ \0/ \0/

I will update again ~~!
*preparing for hime long diary now*

Maimai graduation tho......
np: 卒業は一度きり

ps:I'm waiting for any correction ~! please leave it on comment or reply box ~! :bow:

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