Monday, May 9, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160505


I did many numbering mistakes..
Nakamoto who still need a care,
I'm sorry for troubling you~

and next ! On 4th and 5th May,
there was Handshake Meetings in Kyoto !

Golden Week \(^o^)/
Everyone who coming,
thank you very much !

my voice is already healthy again ~!

◯ Nationwide Handshake meetings

I was paired with Chiichan !

Of course as part of Chuusangumi too,
but the most timely was when she wrote a letter for me in NOGIROOM (´,,•ω•,,`)

Became paired in Nationwide handshake meeting, as a partner,
I always wondered what kind of talks that could come out...

and as expected from an active college students,
there's a lot of talks about study consultation, and intellectual topic..
It's surprised me (´,,•ω•,,`)

I'm sorry, because you had to talk to me after it (laugh) 
kind of different atmosphere right?  I'm Sorry.

and people who coming to meet Himetan, 
I'm so happy ♡ Thank you very much

◯ Individual Handshake Meeting

1部 straight winding
5部 Twin tail

The clothes that I wear on Rajira~~
it was well received~~ waiii~~

2部 Half up
3部 High side ponytail 
4部 side bun

there's also times when I wear and not wear cardigan
or I just hung the cardigan on my shoulder

also there's a lot of people who said
that they are enjoying "my number 1 sister" showdown in Rajira ( ˆωˆ ) 

Many impression about Television, Magazine, and also live performances,
Thank you very much !

and because it's golden week,
there a lot of people who came from Nagoya too,
I'm so happy 

in the past few days from the last week,
I've talked with a lot of people,
and I received a lot of power !

even it's golden week,
we are keep being an Idol~~

Everyone who coming,
thank you very much !
is it works or school, I will support you ! (`・ω・´)

[Excavation ! Treasure Galleria]
It's already on air on 5th May,
Kiichan and me were hunt for a treasure (gold)
it was fun ( ˆωˆ )

~ announcements ~

5/8 BOMB
5/8 乃木坂46の「の」
5/10 月刊Newtype (Gekkan Newtype)

I will appear in Nogi no [no] !
It's been 1 year and 1 month !

Hori, Karin, and Nakamoto
will have some talks in there ( ˆωˆ )
There will also first lifting of the ban of new songs from the 2nd Album !

It will brodacasat from Nippon Cultural on 8th May at 18:00 ~
You can check the detail about the broadcast on the official site

and other network stations too,
for you who keep asking when would it start broadcasting !
Now it's the time for open your radio program guide ! (promotion)

Have you received a 'kind of  good friend' video
from me and Ashuka-chan in Nogizaka46 official LINE ?

well after all it's just a business friendship right~ ( ˆωˆ )
but somehow it doesn't look like it~

It was announced that in  Kyoto was the last Nationwide Handshake meeting for the 14th single,
2nd Album [Sorezore no Isu] will released,
and 46 hours TV 2nd broadcast is also decided !

it will broadcast on 10th June ~ 12th June. Friday, Saturday and Sunday !

we still don't know what will we do on the broadcast.
so please look forward for it ( ˇωˇ )
You can check the details on official site when it's already  up

ah, lastly !
I took some day off from NOGIBINGO!6 shooting !

ah~! I wonder what did I do (´;ω;`) 
even it said that I will appear on every episode~~but the fact is I absent on some episodes~
I'm sorry ! but please watch it ! maybe I will appear ! (even just a bit)
*she absent in 4-5-6 episodes*


ps: sorry it takes 4 days, because I couldn't access my lappy on long weekend~

this blog is kinda deja vu for me , and I think the 15th single senbatsu  is already announced...... :heart gasping: 

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