Thursday, May 19, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog translation 160518


There was individual handshake meeting on Sunday !
everyone who coming,
thank you very much  

now let me do some report ~

1部  twin tail 
4部  side pony weave
5部  down winding

I forgot to took the whole body photo( ;  ; )

the clothes is that I wear in last Rajira
look look ! new goods! (that rajira bandage)

2部  kuru kuru twin tail
3部  down winding weave

somehow we had been injured in the same place (left hand middle finger)
business friendship.

after that, 
I gave her some rajira bandages 
and she kindly use it.

ah, by the way 
the lower part is a skirt with red flower pattern. sweet~

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

last week guest is Seiyuu Artist Yui Ogura-san,
and from Nogizaka is Wakatsuki Yumi-chan !

both of us were made appearance together since 9 pm,
somehow it's kind of in irregular forms right?
Wakasama fans, 
did you heard it since it started? 

Waka service spirit is strong and sincere, 
maybe it's because of her majime character.
At that time, I could felt it again, and it is one of her virtue.

and it almost the opposite with me (・∀・) (laugh)

there also first lifting of the ban of
Naachan solo song 
[Kogosei Kibou] !

on 29th May it will be Nogizaka week.
and the guest is Fukugawa Mai-chan !
I'm happy we can invited her again just before of her graduation! (^o^)

please listen to it~♪

on the day before yesterday,
I watched Team Go Theater [Joshiraku Vol. 2 Toki kake soba~]

New birth of Joshiraku,
and it also power up from before ! 
for people who will watch it later,
please come and enjoy it (´,,•ω•,,`)

the feeling that I felt when I stand on that stage,
and the different feeling that I felt when I watch this stage..
it's really a nice experience. and it's really a nice theater play.

after watching it,
I talked to some Joshiraku staffs after a long times.
my feeling become warm because of that~*

it's almost the final day for 15 people !
I will support you all !


5/30  Monthly Entame
6/6    TopYell
6/10  Marquee

and then, one more announcement.

there will be public recording for 
TV Aichi [Chihara Seiji no Bazu☆Doru] in 22th May !

Yuttan. Maaya. Nakamoto. Three of us will make an appearance.
The venue is in Kichijoji CLUB SEATA
There also many other Idol who will come~~

For public recording participation applicants, etc
and detail about the broadcasting,
you can see it in the official site

when the on air date is decided, I will tell you again !

somehow it's been 1 month since our last girls meeting


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