Monday, May 23, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160522


the most recent me~

my today face since 7 pm (・∀・)

We has been recorded for 
[Chihara Seiji no bazu☆doru with Matsui Rena] in TV Aichi  !

Everyone who participated in public recording part, 
thank you very much (^o^)

Because Rena-san was take a day off,
so we were called as a guest !
even though we want to meet her~ 

It was also our first time to met Seiji-san,
he is so friendly and fun to talk to.
it was really fun ( ˆωˆ )

We also given chance to co-star with many Idol-san.
I feels that I received stimulation from them !
and it made me want to work harder ~

we also did other recording, 
please look forward for it to on air~

Sunday night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

next week guest is seiyuu artist Toyonaga Toshiyuki-san,
and from Nogizaka is Fukugawa Mai-chan !

this time mail theme are ;

◯ supporting message for Maimai
◯ Maimai who never angry is going to rage ! !
    what the hell has happened ?
◯ Reincarnation. Who is me ?
◯ Words of gift battle, returns 
somehow there are many interesting planning (・∀・)nya~nya~~

Soon it will be Maimai graduation,
so I think it will be her last Rajira appearance.

On this day there also handshake meeting in Makuhari Messe.
everyone who coming or not,
please listen to it !

you can submit your mail from here;

2nd Album [Sorezore no Isu]
soon will be released on 25th May (^o^)

among the new songs,
I like [Kikkake] [Kuchiyakusoku] 
[Kakigori no Kataomoi] and [Shitsuren shitara, gao o arae!] 

The songs are basically filled with songs since the 11th single.
from the previous work, the important song are increased.
And it also made into an album. I'm so happy

the music track M11~M15 in Type C..
if I listen to it at once maybe I will cry..


5/30 Monthly Entame
6/6   TopYell
6/10 Marquee
6/15 EX Taishu
and next, please wait a little more
until I can tell you new announcement

last week I told you a lie,
but this time.. I really will return in NOGIBINGO!6 ( >_< )

it's #7 episode, 
we did auction


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