Monday, May 30, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160528


25th May is Nogizaka 2nd album released date,
we also appear on Nippon Broadcasting, 
Nogizaka-chan one night jack !

I appeared a little in All Night Nippon,
and also appear in All Night Nippon ZERO 

the theme was fittingly [Nogizaka Radio Girls] !
to get selected as Radio girls
I feel so grateful ( ;  ; )

member who appeared, and the ANN0 listener
are people who like radio..
so that's why it was really fun !

to have talks about radio in radio program itself is kinda rare right?
and I think we also talk about it in quite serious tone.

and for people who watch from LINE LIVE camera,
I would be happy if you think that Nakamoto was properly doing the works (majime hime)

the photo is I borrowed from Maichun.
Maichun thank you !

I hope we can do this again~
I want to come to other member radio program,
I also want them to come to Rajira !

I didn't notice it earlier,
but some scene of Under Live in Nagoya
is already on aired in Nogizaka46 SHOW ( ˆωˆ )

I will seek for free time 
and watch the show that I recorded~

if it's okay please tell me your impressions

tomorrow is Individual Handshake meetings (´,,•ω•,,`)
The venue is in Makuhari Messe.
I hope everyone not mistaken the venue again

In Official site there is page [how to participate in handshake meetings? ]
for people who will come for the first time, 
please check it for your reference

Ikuchan is so cute in there. (laugh)

we can talk about a lot of things.
I'm looking forward for it (´,,•ω•,,`)
I also want to hear your impressions about the album !

please be careful on your way~ I will waiting for you in the venue~

Sunday Night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

this week guest is Seiyuu Artist 
Toyonaga Toshiyuki-san.
And from Nogizaka is Fukugawa Mai-chan !

because I haven't announce it before
I will tell it now..
Maimai and me will appear in the same timing.
we will together start from 21 pm (^o^)

after handshake meetings
we need to go to NHK before 21 pm,
and we might not come in time,
but we will rushing as soon as possible

we are still waiting your letter (^o^)
you can submit it from here

next episode is, segment that loved by everyone,
Mousou Request !

everyone who watched the preview before
must be get a buzz right?
that "person" is also helped us.. *fujimori-san*

look forward for it (´。•ω•。`)


5/30  Monthly Entame
6/6    TopYell
6/10  Marquee
6/15  EX-Taishu

I also have other interview on other magazine,
please wait until then information ban lift up.

last year autumn of me
although you might have seen it similar several times. 
but it's kinda different right... even just a bit ( ´ ・ω・ ` )

I have so many photos with this angle..
and I have a trouble in processing my memory




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  1. Oh! I'll prepare my heart, i hope she can make it this time,fukujin debut sounds good!