Saturday, April 1, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170401


Nakamoto here, I will restart my activities.

To management and everyone who always supporting me,

I'm really sorry for any inconvenience that I made.

Although I've been thinking about various things in the last few months,

I was be able to find my own intention to guide me to come back and do my best,
And it means very big to me.

I frequently get asked by my friends : "Your condition is worsening? What's wrong with you ?!" (Laugh)

Honestly, I do think about it too.

I can't wait to report this to make everyone at ease..

Because start from here
I'm taking one step closer to the stage.
Though I still need to lie down
right now...

I might say it when I forget it,
And it might surprised me if I forget about this after a few years of graduate..

But do you know,
I think that it's important to be able to return as the result rather than just finding the "reason"

But as an Idol,
I'm so glad because everyone were not think about it too deeply

That's because having a dream is to see it happen right?!

Handshake meeting, event, and other moments when I rested..

I will make sure to get it back again
so, please look forward to it.

There are still plenty of events that I still can not participating

If It confuses you,
Please check on official website from time to time.

I will start to sending mobame again,
So don't forget to change the settings asap.

5th debut anniversary,
From now on please take care of me.

"It makes me want to appear on the live !"
when I looked at this...

You did it well huh ! ! greats ! ! !
(Said with an angry tone and happy tone in the same time)

Rajira Sunday,
Every Sunday, start from 20:05 On NHK Radio

On this new fiscal year,
Please take care of me.

This week guest is Inoue Sayuri-chan.

And this week mail themes are :

◯ Messages to Sayu

◯ Pinpon♪It's Nakamoto, your new neighbor ♡

◯ Spring's Jingle

◯ OriHime talk session

You can submit yout mail from here :

Manatsu-san !
Really thank you very much !

Start from April, the amount of member who can appear will increase. (*Ashun please)

Please look forward for it ( ˇωˇ )

By the way

望日香 (Monika-chan)
A yorkie breed and it's a girl.

Though she looks like a good kid when walking at outside,
her attitudes become arrogant at home.. (laugh)

It's complicated to see her like that because it's like looking at myself.

She is so cute when she make a mess with temper like a princess.

The 4th sister in Nakamoto family,
I'm so proud of my family.

Himeka and Monika

She's been in this house for 2 months

Please get bigger soon~


Welcome back ! ! !
Good choices~
Not only for the comeback, but the cutie puppie too ! !

The 4th Nakamoto sister
Named 望日香 (monika)
She using "hope" kanji in her dog names...
I hope she can take care of her owner..

I know you are a sensitive and arrogant doggie, but please cheer the mama, old sist or the little sist up when they sad or lonely 😄😄😄

Welcome for you too Monika-chan  ! !

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