Saturday, April 8, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170407


Good morning~

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

The guest last week was
One of Nogizaka Quotation Maker, Inoue Sayuri-chan ! !

I feel at ease so  much, and it's Thanks to Sayuri !
Onsen talk corner is really fun too !

It's been so long since my last 2 hours in Rajira,
But it didn't feel like it's been a while.
I felt relaxed since start until end.

When surprise appearance on March,
My heart was still not ready at all...
And it made me think,
"was that okay?"

But I was relieved after this broadcast.

I also heard that there were many mail comes,
What a good start, right?!

Maybe there were some people who heard mumbling sound on the halfway through..

Actually !
I was interviewed, please check the details later !

Last week was also Seiyuu arts corner final episode (´;ω;`)

The new corner is called「Power Voice A」will start on next week

Start from this week,
Rajira Sunday will start from 21:05 ~

What a wonderful view when I entering the dressing room.

Tadaima~ ( ˆωˆ )


Because there is too few to report about my current work,

I will just post off shot of the magazine that released in February.


Monthly Newtype

Top Yell

I'm so impressed with this photo from Top Yell san,

On the left is photo from article when I became under center for the first time,
And on the right is photo from latest article with the same angle of view.

There also a lot of other photo too.

If you have a magazine at that time,
Please do compare it~

Manager-san who always  watching me like my parents
said : Our Hime is growing bigger~~ ( ˇ  ωˇ  )

I started to send mobile mail to !
Please check it out !


What a rare good morning from Hime !

Please don't mind it ! 🌞

Ps: sorry for the delay~

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