Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Hime ! ! Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170413


Happy Birthday to me !!


There were various thing happen on my 20 old year...

But overall,
That was the most fulfilling year to me.

Though I always said it every year.. it's okay, right?

The Environment and contents of my work were gradually changing,
And it was a busy year for me...

At that time I have seen a lot of wonderful scenery,
And it's made me really happy.

There were plenty of scenes which made me think that
I believe that all the painful things that have come up are for this wonderful scenery..

If I could convey a message to my old self,

I will say :

"Thank you so much for not giving up,

Thank you for your hard work in teen years,

My twenty year is full of happiness now."

I'm so grateful with all encounters and all things that happen.

On this 21 year old, I will devote myself more and more.

I might said too much again huh~~

Well.... that's because Himetan has third form~~

And it can go all out too~

From now on too, please take care of me !

Everytime I get older,
I become look like my mother ..

And this is look like my mom so much.

The next guest for Rajira Sunday is Terada (Ranze) o(^o^)o

We are waiting for your mail ~~


Happy birthday my forever Idol !
Thanks for coming to this world !
Thanks for showing me a bright light ! 
Thanks for everything !
I won't ever forget you ! !

好き過ぎて 、私は君しか見えてないです。
ずっとずっと大好き !! ♡

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