Monday, March 27, 2017

Imamura Mitsuki Last Blog Translation - 170320

My last blog ☺ Imamura Mitsuki

Imamura Mitsuki here !

This gonna be my last blog.

I did my last recital as member of  SPL∞ASH and Actor School Hiroshima (ASH) students today.

I've never think that this day is finally come.

I went to school for about 8 years,
And on Saturday I always went to ASH..

Since I became member of SPL∞ASH,
I did self-trained on weekday
and sometimes spends the whole week at school for one week.

There were also times when I had problem with my school..

There were also many things that I have to remember...

There were many times when I got really frustrating too.

I decided to make it compatible, but my will against it was weak..
And I started to dislike my weakness which made me became useless many times.

I don't want to give up
Because I really like to sing and dancing..

No matter how much the price that I paid,
I did not quit from ASH.

Although I was worried with my future career,
And I even didn't know what I wanted to do..

I wish I could get a job that involved in singing.

And it shows how much my feelings to sing.

And that's why, I think that the form of my graduation today was really the best for me.

I was really happy.

I feel that I will do my best seriously.

But I feel really sad to do farewell with my friends.

But it's not an eternal farewell right?
We still can meet...
But it's so sad when I think that
when we meet again later, I'm not part of SPL∞ASH member again.

Let's meet again later ! ! !

I will send a message to everyone too ! ! !

Please wait for it ! ! !


"20th generation of ASH,
Imamura Mitsuki here.

As students of this School for 8 years,
And as member of SPL∞ASH for 4 years

Thank you for your continuous support.

Really thank you very much for always supporting me as students of this school.

Honestly, I haven't do parting to other school students and SPL∞ASH members too.

But I will do my best to come to this school again with confidence face,
And repay everyone who always supporting me.

From now on too,
please take care of me !"

Today, I want to announced it in front of everyone.

Aaaa~~~ it's sad..

I can't go to ASH on Saturday again..

To everyone who supported me until now,

Thank you very much ! ! !

I look forward to your continued support !

I hope I can be Pink member of SPL∞ASH that's not forgotten !

That's all from me,
Thank you very much

Imamura Mitsuki.


Hime beloved kouhai is graduate from SPL∞ASH  to join STU48 !

I hope she can getting closer to our Hime ! 🙏

She is an interesting girl with lovely voices and superb dances move too ! As expected from Actor School of Hiroshima students !

Can't wait for her bright future !
Please do support her ! ! !

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