Saturday, March 11, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 141228


Merry Christmas everyone !

Did you made wonderful memories of christmas (*´v`*)?

In previous diary (blog) comment section,
There are some people who told me about it.
Thank you very much~

This year too, I wore a lot of santa clothes for Photo-set, Live, and Handshake meeting~

Hime had christmas eve with Sayu, and Marika.
And we also went to Hot Spring !

We were trying to forget the crowds in the city,
Then took a long trip by train ~

Though we made a mistake in transferring trains,
We were so relaxed and even went to some shop on the halfway through......♪

Because our pace are same like each other,
It was very comfortable to go with them (﹡ˆoˆ﹡)

I had a job on christmas day~
I also talked to Manatsu ♡

For more information,
Please wait for a little while~ ( ˇωˇ )

Next Nogiten is [Golf Club] episode~
I did my best in golf club ( ^o^ )
I hope I can become good at it even just a little...!

In handshake meeting
I do talk about golf, but..
Was that with someone who read my diary (blog) too?

Is there anyone who play golf ??

I had interview for STREETJACK-san !

It is on the latest issue ( ^o^ )☆

Hime wore beloved 7th single seifuku and talked about the past 3 year in Nogizaka~

There also a lot of other Nogizaka member too~
Please buy it♪

Tomorrow is individual handshake meeting in Kyoto !

The last handshake meeting on this year~
Although it happened in the busy atmosphere at the end of the year,
Thank you for coming to see us !

Please enjoy it⊂( ˆoˆ )⊃

Though if everyone are in excellence condition, you shouldn't sleep late tonight ♡

There is thanksgiving event on 30 december

It's the First Mobile Members-only event
And because we will do it in a different format than live,
I wonder how it will be~

We will do a lot of planning !
So, for everyone who coming
Please wait for it ♡


Q : I went to Miria lane yesterday, but when I asked her to do [Beam] she said "I can't because it's my sister (oneechan) weapon" (T^T)
Himetaaan.. please allow her to do it

A : Waaa~~~ so cuuuteee (´。・v・。`)
As expected from my dearest sister ! 
In the latest issue of EX-Taishu magazine,
We became [Sudare Shimai] combi~ 
That's because they keep calling us with that name♡

Q : What's with the new costumes ???

A : aaa~~ I'm sorry (´・ω・`)
It's the new costumes from the christmas show !
It's so cute right~~~ I really love it ♡

Q : For Himetan, what is the best anime in 2014 ? 

A : Ummm.. it's hard to answer it.. Maybe :
(No game. No life )

(Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

(Bokura wa minna Kawaiso)


Q : Please tell me what kind of gloss that Tanhime use? ♡♡

A : It's JILL STUART \( ˆoˆ )/
Let's use it together~
Seems that there are a lot of girl who called me with [Tanhime]♡

The one who come with [Tanhime] nickname is Ami-chan~

Q : I want to send fan letter to Himetan, 
but how do I send it?
I want to present you a ribbon too 

A : Waaaa~~ thank you very much ( ´•̥ω•̥` ) I'm so happy

You can send it to :

「乃木坂46運営事務局」宛  ♡

Please let me skip Himetan46 corner today ( >_< )

Thank you for your comments !

I was surprised when you tell me your commenting name at handshake meeting, and even made a name tag for it (﹡ƠωƠ﹡) ufufufu~

2014 is going to end !

Everyone, How was your past year ?

Please tell me if there any interesting scene in Nogidoko, Nogiten and Noginono,
Or "that" live was so fun ! ( ˇωˇ )

Hime will just sitting quietly at home after back from Kyoto.
Or.... shall I do evaluation meeting this year?


It's not about the Christmas mood that I have right now... no !
But, Let's send Fan letter for our beloved Hime  ! ! !

She is absent in 17th single period (until April or May, Maybe?)
So, let's send her some of our love for her !

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