Monday, March 13, 2017

Saitou Chiharu (Chiichan) Blog Translation 170312

A Letter

Today is sweet's day. And also wallet's day.

Regardless of gender, sweet sweets are the source of energy !
It's delicious to see, and also delicious to eat.

I want to live in sweets country or in sweets house ~

Wallet !   I often forget it.

I just realized it when I already in station, then went back to home to pick it up.

I often goes "Ah!" Then feeling so hopeless when I get it back.
Those return time is the most wasted time, right...?

And one more thing for today !

Today was 16th single last handshake meetings

Seems that 16th hs meeting is the most sold until now?

I could meet with a lot of people and it makes me very happy (﹡ˆ ˆ﹡)

Everyone who came, thank you very much ! !

There also Ikuchan birthday festival◎

I read birthday letter for her, and it was a surprise !

Both 20 years old !

We were 14 years old when we joined Nogizaka..
Time flies so fast...

Our clothes are Kohaku (red and white) colors☺︎

two of us did Himetan beam ♡

Himetan, we always waiting for you (﹡ˆ ˆ﹡)

Let's do Himetan beam together next time ☺︎

When I read the letter,
Ikuchan smile was so cute ♡

I also wore seitansai parka !
so warm♡

After reading the letter,
Ikuchan hugged me ! !

I was so happy,
My face was full of smiles too \( ˆ ˆ )/ lol

Congratulation Ikuchan ! !

Let's be friend until we become grandmother ♡♡


♬ ChihaMusic

「あなたのために弾きたい (Anata no tame ni hikitai | I want to play for you )」- Nogizaka46

It's Ikuchan solo song.

Ikuchan high specs remind me to this song once again.

It must be tiring,  because she sing it while playing the piano live.

But, no matter how busy she is,

She always doing it perfectly. Amazing.

I love Ikuchan voices when she sing " Ima anata ni watashi no piano wo,
Kiitemoratteru sore dake de" part ! !

It sounds so wonderful and lovely.

I will post about the clothes that I wore on today hs on tomorrow blog !

I watched W B C !

It's so interesting... ! ! !ヽ(;;)丿

I also want to learn a lot about baseball !

And I want to go to see the game too !

Good night.

Saitou Chiharu.

Some of Chiichan letter to Ikuchan :

"We joined Nogizaka in the same grade and as chuusangumi too.  And we already become 20 years old now.

I was so happy when 
Ikuchan, Me-chan, and Jyo-san were celebrating my last teen day. Let's go drinking together again next time !

Right now, you must be busy because of Les miserables practice, right?

If there anything happen,
please do not hesitate to talk to me ! I love you ! And once again, happy birthday ! 

Source : @maru_2_

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