Thursday, March 2, 2017

Itou Marika Blog Translation 170302

Cut ! All Right ! #764

Everyone who came to

Sou-en x Culture Academy Special Talk Show

Presented by Panasonic「Clothing steamer」

Thank you very much ! !

Talk show with Kojima-san and Chihara Tetsuya-san.

My first work with Sou-en,
and I was surprised with the renewal issue and also new cover design by Chihara-san !

Panasonic clothing streamer is
a round type that I always love !

On this chances we learned about how to use it,
And it's also become a lesson for me.

Please treat me well from now on too.

I recommend it too because it's so easy to use !

After it finished, I went to dressing room and they presented me a birthday cake !

Aaaaa, I was so happy ! ! !

Thank you very much

To be on that place,,
And talking about a lot of things....

It has always been my dream..

And it is with a magazine that I've been longing for..

And the most important,
Fashion is really fun, right? Mama !

I also did shooting for 17th single 「Influencer」bonus video on that day !

Thank you for your warm applaud.

Please look forward for it.

I'm in regular version of jacket CD

「Influencer」MV is up

I was in "Who are you !" state..
And for more details, you can watch it on the bonus footage.

While dancing,
The sleeves were keep hiting my face.. and it was tiring.

Personally, the dances are fits perfectly with my own dancing habits.

I was so happy with the choreography.

It's a dance that make you want to dance it forever.

And perhaps it was also the first time I think that the dance is really fits for me..

I met with my childhood friend in  a culture event after a long time!

Our talk is mainly about fashion brand information exchange.

Let's go straight with what we like.

It was a day when I thought that I need to tried my best !


Ps : Marika is "ROCK-ING" up the mv 😎

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