Sunday, February 12, 2017

Iwamoto Renka (Rentan) Blog Translation 170206

It's kinda long. But please read it until the end ! 🙏

Principal. Iwamoto Renka


Principal event is on going !
I did my best too today ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Principal first day was on 2 February, and !

It's also my birthday (o^^o)

My greeting is become "Junior High School First grader, 13 years old"

From 12 y.o to 13 y.o,
it's really a big thing for me ! !

And after act three Mini Live,
I received birthday surprise from everyone.

I'm really really happy.....

Suddenly the birthday song was played,
And Fans were also singing it together...

After that Shi-chan and Tama-chan brought birthday cake from wing stage to in front of me...

I'm really reallllly happy ( ´ ▽ ` )

And then I ate it deliciously ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑ )♪

Really thank you very much !
Member too, thank you very much !

I also received many congratulation messages on my blog comment

Really thank you very much !

There also people who wrote it on 00:00 am..

I'm really happy ♡

And one more happy things happen.

Higuchi Hina-san senpai was
posted about my birthday on her blog.

I was too happy ...!

With this blog,
I want to say Higuchi-san thank you very much..
I rarely have opportunity to talk directly to her,
But when we meet I want to tell her about it

And I also received birthday mail from Hadzuki, Den-chan, and Shi-chan

Hadzuki, Den-chan, Shi-chan
thank you very much

Shi-chan sent me a long mail,
And I reply it with a long mail too !

I cried when I read mail from Shi-chan.
Really thank you very much.
I love you

Dzukki and Renka.
And behind us is Aya who did something weird.

Start from here I want to talk about Principal.
I rarely write about Principal on my blog,

So I want to write about it now.
This might be long, but please read it until the end.

On the first day, I enjoyed being on the stage in front of everyone.
I didn't elected, but it was a really fun day.

Compared to 1st day, there were some member who get more nervous on the 2nd day.

And I was still enjoying it with all of my heart.

Since the 2nd day,
I always running for Giovanni role.
I think that Giovanni personality is easy to understand and easy to express.

But I still haven't get elected.

I wonder how to deliver my feelings to everyone who watch it.
I always think hard about it, but the answer is not (yet) coming.
What should I do? Did I do wrong?

I've never had a worry and suffer experience..

But on this Principal,
I got worried too much for the first time.

There are people who rooting for me.
I'm really thankful.
Thank you very much !

But, I have never been elected.
And I never even elected to act 2..
But I want to answer all the support with all my power..
And I will do my best to everyone.

Since Principal started, I realized something about myself....

My mental is strong

Of course I have a worry,
but I don't get panic.

I don't really think about it and  never thought
"I can't do it. It's impossible. I can't ! "

Though I didn't get elected,
I can switch my feelings to I will do it better next time.

Basically, I hate "impossible and I can't" words

If you can't do it, you should practice more.
Even it is "impossible" , there is no need to say it with your mouth.

It's not impossible !

If you think it's impossible, it will become impossible.

People believe that if you strive, most things can be realized.


I feel that this word makes my own limit.

I think that way..
I'm a human with positive thought..

So, is my mental strong ?

I never thought that I would suffer so much since last year.

Although it's painful but I won't give up.

I will definitely get Giovanni role and stand on act two.

I would like everyone to see my performance.

I want to sing on the stage.

There are still many performances left.

If you have impressions or advices, please write it on the comment,
It will be a great learning for me.

I don't have acting experience,
and there are still many things I don't know yet.

But, since I would like to do my best with my own power without being impatient, I would like to ask for your continued support.

I write quite long,
But this is my current feeling now.

For Renkazoku (Ren family) who always supporting me,

I will do my best !

Ah, I decided to use "Renkazoku" to call my fans !
Thanks for your ideas.

Because everyone is kind like family. So I decided to use it.

Renkazoku is really kind. I love you

Thank you very much.

On my next blog, Principal is already end, right ?!

Not only Giovanni,
I hope I can get Campanella and Sasori role too.

Lesson break....

That's all from Rentan (*´︶`*)ฅ

My next blog is on 18 February.
And tomorrow is Minami-chan(*^^*)

See you again later ☆彡

Ps : it's even longer than Hime blog~~
Butwhy? Why I translated it?

Not only because of the "tan" nickname-ing..
It's been 6 days since she posted this, Principal is going to end but she haven't get elected until NOW.

She said that her mental is strong right? But yeah...
For me, it's kinda too fast for her to said something like that.

I read her blog comment and I read something which made my heart hurts.

She cried today, cried her heart out..

Of course I didn't watch it, but my heart is too weak to see (or read) a positive thinking kiddo cry.

I believe that she will get a role !
I want to see her happy tears !
Ganbare kiddo ! ! !
Keep postive !