Monday, February 6, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 120206


Hoshimina-chan, Happy 14th birthday \(^ω^)/★

Hoshimina-chan (Hoshino Minami-chan) is really cute, right ?!

Recently Hoshimina-chan's「あんねーみなみねー」monomane is popular among the member

When Hoshimina-chan hugged me, she boasted to Kazumin (Takayama Kazumi-chan)
「Kazumin look ♪Minami hug Himetan yo (*/ω\*)」Kyaaa so cute !
And then Kazumin goes「kyaaa ! too」
Un ♡


Ah ! That's right, about the calendar
I've just sent it to Hiroshima,
but before it arrives..
Hoshimina-chan birthday is already passed

I'm sorry ('・ω・`) 


I'm in Seitan (Hatanaka Seira) house now ! (^ω^)

For more information, you can check it on Seitan blog ★ number #96

Seems that she posted about me in her today blog too

She said that Natto is delicious.
Though she has plenty of food that she dislikes,
She said that Natto is so delicious.

By the way, my family
Papa, Mama, and Su like natto too..

Everyone, do you like Natto ('・ω・`)? 

Is it good for your skin?
Maybe I will challenge it next time...hmmm I wonder..
I don't have a courage ♪
And.. I also dislikes Umeboshi (salted plum)

Fufufufu~~ (ω)
I'm sorry.
Some day I will try to eat it so please forgive me. 



I already received letters from management (`・・)ゝ

Everyone, thank you very much !
Recently we rarely had a opportunity to meet and it's make me lonely,
But I received a lot of energy from your letter  ! (*^_^*)

Until the day I can meet you again,  I will do my best !
Really thank you very much !


[ If you went to bath 5 times you will become funya funya ! ]
by sayunyan (Inoue Sayuri-chan) (。・ω・。)ノ



Minami-chan old nickname is Hoshimina.
It's hurt to read it right? Lol
Minami herself is prefer *Minami* and she said please don't call me Hoshimina again on her old blog.

Hime has so many dislikes food and it's not changed until now...
As expected from Hime 😂

I skipped the Q&A parts because it's long and not really interesting.

And hello I'm back !!!

I can't just wait for Hime to come..
Everyday feels like a torture without her blog or mail.

I'm going to post another (on this day-blog) again later !

Thank you very much for your support☆

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