Sunday, January 29, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170128

As informed from the official website a while ago,

Me, Nakamoto Himeka

Will be absent on the next 17th single activities.

I'm sorry for the sudden announcement,
I'm really sorry..

Because my physical condition is not in good condition,
I was in a state where I can not work like usual
And it's keep continued since a while ago..

While doing recovery,
I did repeated consultation with the staff,
asking for adjustment

They said it's going to be tough if I keep do future activities,
So I decided to take a rest from any activities.

Basically, it's for the future sake !

As member of Nogizaka46,
That's decision is made after thinking for the future sake !

I will take a good rest, and cure it.

I want to show my healthy condition to everyone.

So that's why, please give me some time to stop.

I'm sorry it's going to be like this,
I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.

At the same time,
I think why I could be on this wonderful place.. and it's feel so hard to be away for it.

I won't forget the feel of gratitude,
It is a fact that I felt strongly again by touching the kindness of people around me.

I will carefully notice the sign from my body in the future activities.

Recently, I began to think that this choice may be necessary for me.

And I couldn't against staff-san, and management decision

To make me work easier,
They changed the time, contents and etc.
There also times when I could not go to the working scene

It's all thanks to everyone's understanding so I was be able to do such activities in the 16th period.

They said many wonderful words
Without blaming me who chose to rest.

There is no pressure,
But I know that I have a place in here,
And it doesn't worry me.

I realized that I was be able to work well because of surrounded by wonderful people

And I would like to return to this grace work.

They are a great help for the members,
And we often get helped by them now too.

I watched the Birthday Live rehearsal video.

They made various changes,
And I feel so sorry for it.

They doing it while not showing a bad face,
And once again I gain more respect for them.

Because I'm having a rest,
We rarely meet on the location..
But they still contacting me,
And it's really make me happy !

They came to meet me and spending the time together,

They got worried because I'm an indoor person,

When I'm in good condition they often invite me to go eat together,

There are many member who invite me to go outside.

I want to meet the members without having to work.

I want to be an inextricable person.

For everyone who supporting me,

Aahh... I don't know what to say.

There are a lot of things that I have to tell you,
But I couldn't collect it... what should I do..

I'm sorry because I was absent on handshake meeting in Kyoto and Makuhari Messe a few days ago.

Blog, Radio, Mail, and etc
Were suddenly missing and it's make all of you surprised (shocked) right ?

I feel a bit relieved to be able to communicate in my own words like this.

I bet there are also those who say that they are feel lonely.

But Nakamoto is a clumsy and blunt person, and aren't that Nakamoto chara too?

Please laugh.

It is only a moment in the long run !

I will be fine by the next single, and I will be happy if you wait for me.

If you have any topic to say on the next handshake meeting,
Or when there is something nice happen and you post in on the comment,
It might make the time pass quickly ( ˆωˆ )

Considering the current situation, it is an important time for me now.

To open the hole here,
I intended to understand it with my head.

So that's why I had a lot of trouble huh..

I do not want you to exaggerate,
So that's all what I want to tell you.

I written a long post ~ ~

Thank you for reading it through to the end.

I hope 17th single will be a single that loved by everyone.

From now on too, please take care of us !

Nakamoto Himeka.

 Note to myself : Hiatus is better than graduate !
Go save money and meet her before it come !!

Nearly got heart attack because of this news.

And I'm glad that those sh!t bunshuun was clearly said that Hime hiatus is has no relation with their cheapy stalker news.

I'm going to hiatus as well 🚩
Please wait for our Hime !
And don't oshihen~☆


  1. Thanks for the translation. Hope she heals up and comes back stronger ready to get down in this idol business. I also hope to see you come back once she resumes her activities. You've been helpful with your translations in spreading the love that is Himetan. See you when you both get back.

  2. thank you for i know what hime feels...really thank you thank you sir.

  3. Thank you Himeka, Please git better soon !

  4. I guess she need to stop from being an Idol. Find a rich boyfriend and get marriage.

    1. AHAHAHAHA...

      Why find rich boyfriend when you already have a rich fams 😜