Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170109


Today is Seijin's (adult) day right~
Congratulations !

I'm also one of the new adult.

And I already had Seijin Ceremony in Nogizaka Shrine (^o^)

 I feel like inherited the tradition!

Chuusangumi ~ ~

If you compared it to 5 years ago,
Do we look more mature?

But things like a distant feeling is not changed.

After all, I feel calmer when Ikuchan and Chiichan in there too ( ˇωˇ )

Just because we are the same age, I do not know why but I feel so relieved.
What a strange feeling.

Pink Kimono o(^o^)o

Continuing Matchun, and Manatsu-san
I wore pink kimono too

I already decided the color since a few years ago. (Laugh)

96-gumi personalities are different,
So we were wearing Kimono that match with our personality..

Everyone were so wonderful ~ ~

Though it takes a long times to become 20 y.o,
Adult ceremony is one of the milestone for me

Once again, as part of the society
I thought that I need to be more firm

People often said
「Isn't it good to be young! you can be anything, and you can do anything, right?! 」

Me right now,
I hope I can find something that I can get crazy about
as I forgetting the flowing times.

96-gumi group photo.

I hope these 5 people can make Nogizaka become livelier !

Sunday night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

It will be first Nogizaka time in the new year.

The guest ia seiyuu artist Takagaki Ayahi-san,
And from Nogizaka is Matsumura Sayuri-chan !

This time mail theme are ;

◯ New Year ! Rajira ! Tsugoroku

◯What is MMS stand for ?

◯ Rajira Love story ! Midnight phone call
「Wishes of the new year」edition

◯ Mousou Kyun Kokuhaku battle

I hope we can talk about Kouhaku ( ˆωˆ )

You can submit your mail from here ;


Fuwafuwa version

I did the same expression like the previous photo.  (laugh)


Rajira after a long time! And
The first guest is Mattsun!

Looking forward for mousou kokuhaku battle !

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