Saturday, January 7, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170105


Happy New Year!
Please treat me well on 2017 too (^o^)

My goal this year is to be able to "compromise" in wide meaning.

Whether is with myself or people around me,
Whatever the result be,
I want to have a kindness to forgive.

It's not about an advantages but a kindness.
Something called a broad minded.

I've been thinking that I want to be a human who can cherish the procces more than the result.

Though there was a time when my stubbornness made me work positively,

Me right now is can only change something to a minus..

So that's why,
I want to be able to discard such things called strictness, obstinacy, and pride a little.

I want to make it into a positive nuance.

It won't be 0 if you just lose it a bit right?

And next!
We had performance at Kouhaku Uta Gassen on new year eve !

35 people did「Sayonara no Imi」 performance together, and it was so spectacular.

When we did rehearsal,
I thought about the meaning of the lyrics and various things.
And it made me want to cry.. (laugh)

Compared to last year, I was be able to more relax, and sing it freely~(^o^)

My personal thoughts are;

I'm happy because my words (wish) that I said on radio on the beginning of the year has came true.

I can't really put it into a word here..
But when I said it,
I didn't feel any confident and just saying it as a desire..

And now, I want to thanks my old self who clearly said that words.

All the past hardwork were also connected!

I was be able to do greetings to
And talked to Oriraji-niisan !

I was very relieved.
It was kinda rushing on the site,
So let's speak slowly next time~~~

I watch CDTV every year,
so when I was in the studio,
It feels like a lie~ it's great~~~
I kept talking about it to Marika. (Laugh)

Yesterday was Misa-Senpai birthday right?!

Happy Birthday ~ ~ !

Himetan is well-known as human who likes to taking care people,
But in front of Misa-Senpai she like to be spoiled by her.

Though I always make her worry with my sloppy personality,
I like to doing consultation with her,
And I want to chase her figure forever.

I wishing you a great year ahead ♡

1/7 BOMB is on sale!

Kitano, Chiharu, Nakamoto.
All the same age~

Ahya~~ soon is adult ceremony..

Please check Nikkei Entertainment Idol Special 2017~
Everyone interview are fun to read!

I love this costume ! ! ! !


Happy New Year 🎉

Today seijin shiki highlight :

96line is a My pace 時代 -said Master Ikuta-

Chuusangumi 😭😭

Our Hime 💓

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