Friday, December 30, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 161229


In Meiji-san official youtube channel,
Nakamoto Himeka [With that girl who sit next to me] movie web cm is already released~\(^o^)/

Please watch it with the feeling of drinking with me !

Today is Ikomachan birthday !
21 years old! Congratulations !

Let's do girl's meeting again ♡♡
And let's do it in my house o(^o^)o

She has an enormous curiosity,
And she is always dazzling.

Only a few days left on this year.

And there are a lot of happening on this year !

My personal topics are
Futougou, 30 block HS, Magazine single cover,

Seijin (20th y.o), Back to senbatsu, Cinq Étoille, Nogidan, CM.

If I compared it with one year ago,
The situation and the scenery that I saw were changed a lot.

Rather than think that it were passed quickly,
Actually I could feel my own step,  step by step to standing on this position now.

One year with a lot of new encounters and sad farewell.

it's like two sides of a coin that inseparable.

It's match with「Sayonara no Imi」lyric's right...

On this timing, it feels like I want to sing that song ( ˇωˇ )

And above all..
thanks to everyone encouragement !
This year is a fulfilling year for me

On this year, there were many opportunities which let me to realize that things..

Like in handshake meeting, live venue, and million sales too.

Sad thoughts, joy, accomplishment feeling...

I think that we couldn't really share that feelings together (^o^)

Me who could report happy announcement is all because of everyone supports !

It is a happy thing because it will remain as an happiness form.

Thank you very much for your support on this year.

Please treat me well on next year too.

Don't forget to watch Kouhaku Uta Gassen~☆

Happy New Year


Probably Hime last blog on 2016?!

Thank you very much for your love and support to Hime on 2016 ♡

3rd gen seems dazzling, but don't forget to keep supporting Hime on 2017!

I wish we could see Nogizaka46 and BABYMETAL on Kouhaku next year!

Wishing you all a great year ahead !
No Nogizaka,
No Life !

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