Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 161119


Last year,
I took part in「Axis-san Individual Guidance」as their advertisement model !

For people who don't know,
I actually been taken care by them before I entered Nogizaka.

This year too the shooting was taken in Hiroshima.

Many people said that I became more older sister likes as if we were a relatives.

Last year we took most of it in school environment,
And this year we had recording at outside of school~

Already 20 years old, but I will do my best in uniforms !!

If there is Axis-san near your house,
Please check it out ( ˇωˇ )

I'm so happy to be able to work together with them again,
And I hope I can make people to see my active figure more and more.

Thank you very much !

Is my face like a child ?

「Best Hit Song Festival 2016」


Thank you very much\(^o^)/

Nogizaka-chan has already made 3rd appearance in Best Hit Song Festival this year,

And we are so thankful for it.

As for me, it was my first time.
And to be able to appear was an honour to me.

In first experience
We could found a lot of discovery and stimulation, right?!

And can you feel that we already in the end of the year ! !

In R no Hosoku,
Nogidan was invited as light sound club representation ! !


I love Nogidan~~

As for me it was my revenge for Summer Live tour !

And it was also (Shitsuren shitara, Kao wo Arae) first appearance on tv !

For people who couldn't watch it in Jingu Live,
I hope it can reach it to you even just a bit~

The band member were did [Purple Rain] intro too !

I'm sorry,
The photo is from a long time ago ( ´ ・ω・ ` )

By the way it feels like we haven't take group photo with the current member now.

If we have chance to perform again, let's take some photo ! !

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

This week seiyuu artist guest is Minase Inori-san,
And from Nogizaka is Wakatsuki Yumi-chan~

Last time we did relay broadcast from Nagoyoa,
And finally we will do broadcast from the studio !

It's been one month tho !

We are still waiting for your mail\(^o^)/

For mail themes, usual mail, request song and other,
Please check and submit it from this link;

~ Announcements ~


11/24 Nogizaka46  x Weekly Playboy 2016

12/6 Top Yell


12/6 Nogizaka46 Merry Xmas Show 2016

12/8 Nogizaka46 Merry Xmas Show 2016


11/26 Ni-tele HALLOWEEN LIVE 2016

12/7 2016 FNS Song Festival

12/14 2016 FNS Song Festival

12/16 堂本兄弟もうすぐクリスマスSP ( Domoto Kyoudai "Christmas is Coming" Special)

It's getting cold lately.
Compared to summer I've been getting more well sleep.
It's a good thing...
But I can't get out from the futon easily.....

Everyone are like that too right?! Let's do our best !

Fluffy fluffy~ (her pajama)
Good night~


Waka 3rd appearance on Rajira Sunday !
Maid and Butler battle tho !
Don't forget to listen to it tonight!
Started from 21pm jst !

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