Thursday, November 17, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 161117


There was UtaCon yesterday !
Did you watch it?

Together with the performers,
We were wearing Japanese Clothes..

The stage was also decorated with beautiful autumn leaves scenery.

It was a fast 45 minutes!

We also performing
「Sayonara no Imi」~


The second photo was taken by Asuka-chan (^o^)

We do not usually wear kimono right~
Aaa~~~ Seijin Shiki is comiiiing

Continue from UtaCon, I also appear on 「Sarameshi」!

Thank you very much~*

On this monday NOGIBINGO!7,
We had "playing with Nogizaka doll" planning !

In fact,
All member were finally gathered on that recording ~


We played together o(^o^)o
She looked at me with all of her love !
She also did her best on jump rope.

I used to love playing with dolls~ Nostalgic~

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

This week guest is Seiyuu artist Minase Inori-san,
And from Nogizaka is Wakatsuki Yumi-chan !

This time mail themes are :

◯ Supporting messages for Waka

◯ My own conversations under the lonely blue sky

◯ Getting know about NOGIZAKACHAN with a RAP

◯ Hi~meka !
What ?

◯ Himetan mousou date

◯ Maid and Butler battle

You can subscribe your mail from here;

Waka~~~~ It's been a long time\(^o^)/

~ Announcements ~


11/24 Nogizaka46 x Weekly Playboy


12/6 Nogizaka46 Merry Xmas Show 2016

12/8 Nogizaka46 Merry Xmas Show 2016


11/17 Best Hit Song Festival 2016

11/17 Rの法則 [R no Hosoku]

11/26 Ni-tele HALLOWEEN LIVE 2016

12/16 堂本兄弟もうすぐクリスマスSP ( Domoto Kyoudai "Christmas is Coming" Special)

I think that I rarely write my real thought in blog except there are big moment like senbatsu announcement...

And recently there was a thing that made me to have strong feeling to spell what I've been thinking into words... Because I think that it's really important..

I had a chance to do long interview on the days before

And to be honest, I was being weak lately...
I don't know what to do..

On this state, I wonder if I could talk rightly and made it into a good article,

At that time,
My long words and short words might scattered and all of it were connected just as it is..

And while I said maa~~ (kinda like hmmm)
I was guided into writer-san road (of thinking)
And I found that there is something that I can see in myself.

The feelings like;

So I'm suffering because of that thing now..
Because there was no point on it, so thats why I was crying before....

I feel that one by one of it was vaguely carried to become more organized..

Ater the interview ended,
I had an urge to went to shower,
And I felt more fresh than before.

Even I didn't say that the weak feeling is gone,
It's not something about it,

It's about
By myself I didn't know what I was thinking,
But by talking it will become clearer.

I had such an experience like that.
And it's new for me.

And this long long story,
At the end I tell you nothing at all.

Because I do not have much opportunity to say it on the radio or TV

I will say it here!

I really love "Kodoku no Aozora" ! ! ! (ME TOO!)


Long and deep blog from Hime, she rarely sent mobame now, and she already talk about this before and finally she write about this in her blog.

I'm sorry if my translation is hard to understand because English is not my mother language.
But of course I will do my best !

And for me,
Kodoku no Aozora lyrics is so Nakamoto Himeka...
And that's why I love it so much ♡



  1. thank you for all the translations

  2. I keep coming back for more Himetan translations. Good job.

    Also, what exactly is she writing about in that last half? What big thing made her think more?

    1. I think she has been worrying too much, and kept all of it to herself. Thanks to the interviewer, because she could to talk about her worry..

      Captain reika once talk about hime in magz, she said that hime is a
      我慢する子 kid who bear everything in herself..
      Chiichan talk about it in her love letter to hime in nogiroom too..

      Hime need someone to trust beside (and only) asuka.... 😭😭