Sunday, November 19, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 171023

Under Live Kyushu Series finished !
In "Under" song,
Member were did their best and it was hard since rehearsal until the real performance.

And I'm sure that there were not only "it was fun!" Impressions from people who watch it.

I couldn't perform more than 2 songs in Fukuoka 3rd day stage and in Kagoshima,
For people who came to watch me I'm really sorry.
On this under live I had various conflicts with my self.
thanks to Staff-san who did repeated adjustment for me and keep saying to considering about my physical condition,
Thanks to members who always waiting for me,
And thanks to fans who always expecting something from me.
I've finally be able to stand on the stage again.
Really thank you very much.

Although it caused trouble to the last end,
I'm very happy to stand on the stage with all member together.

Some people often asked me
"I want to know what are you thinking,
So let me hear it in words"

It's not that I don't want to tell it,
I just do not know what to do,
So I  just let it stays in the shell.
They tried to understand me,
And I honestly confide what I am thinking,
And they accept it all.
They said
*I see
* It was nice to hear your thoughts
It was such a wonderful first time experience

At first, I gave up to perform
But I glad I could participate on this tour

MC on the first day was always made my hand trembling,
Ranze who know about it was worried and told me to calm down.
One week together with member, I had many memories with them and I very satisfied.

as usual habits I seemed to leave the house with the electricity of the room still on,

Then I came home and was sunk. Aaa~~

Manager-san homemade trip bookmark


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