Sunday, November 19, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 171110

My last individual handshake meeting and
My last live are finished.
Thank you very much ! !
A lot of people lining until late to handshake,
And after handshake meeting ended they held my graduation ceremony ~
Even when taking exams, changing jobs or  hospitalization
Many people said that they got cheered up because of me.
I thought that I was engraved on some of the lives of various people.
Idol is a great job right !
It seems like it's a strange feeling that it is like there are so many people who shedding tears for me.

In handshake meeting the words that fans told the most is
「Please be happy」
Of course !
Of course I will looking for happiness in the future, but I was more than happy to be an idol

(^ 0 ^)

Tokyo Dome 2 days.
I'm glad everyone's dream has come true
And I am glad that I could share that moment too.

Settei Ondo
Nogizaka no Uta
All of it are important song.
I'm very happy to be able to sing it in Tokyo Dome.

I once thought that the last time we could stand with 46 people was on Jingu Stadium.
That my summer was ended on 2nd July.
But it was good that we could sing once more again.
I bothered various people,
but I was glad that I could perform with all member together !

I never told you this before,
But the pink light stick ocean on KimiBoku is really beautiful.
It feel like my back is pushed.
It was a magnificent view.
It burned my eyes.
I want it to be a song that will keep being loved forever,,

Idol is a work that made and loved by everyone.
It's really a wonderful job.
As an answer to "Under" song lyrics,
[ 誰かに聞かれた
あなたの人生はどこにあるの?/ Somebody asked me “Where is your life?”]
My life was here.

Renka-chan post about me and meatball on her blog lol.
Rentan blog:
After the live finished Himeka-san said [I can't eat it all by myself~] then prepared to distributed meatballs to 3rd gen member. I'm very happy !

In Nogizaka Koujichuu that will on air on 19th November
I think it will make it all clear ! ! !
I'm glad I could appear on Koujichuu for the last time !


Next is Hime last blog ? Maybe.... :"

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  1. This was the last blog :| Thanks for all the great work with subbing her blog for us for all this time!