Sunday, October 22, 2017

Late Hime Blog Translation and Late Under Live Report too ๐Ÿ˜‚


We are in middle of Under Live Kyushu Series now ! !
Himetan pen light color are pink x pink ♡
Thanks for a lot of flowers, cheers and muffler towel too.

After the live ended,
I would like to do report about it,
So please wait for it~~

Oita ! Thank you very much !

Next are Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Miyazaki (^0^)

The guest on the next Rajira Sunday is Ikoma Rina-chan~~


Rottie Blog 171017

Photo after live

Once again, I could feel that Hime presence is big ... ♡

Yuttan Blog 171021

We finished Under Live last day performance safely with 18 people ! ! ! !
Me-chan and Kitano who fought with their self until the last day, thank you for your hard work ! ! !

And for my favorite members around me,
Good job ! ! !

When I listen to Me-chan and Kitano MC,
I was wondering, what are they thinking now?
However, even though it may be antagonistic at the MC..

it was really cool to say things that gave courage and talked about the fact.

I was more than happy to be able to listen to the feelings of the two from their mouths.

Maaya Blog 171022

On the last day performance,

I'm so happy to stand on the stage together with Kiichan and Himetan !

When I saw Himetan dancing on the stage,
My heart started to get hurt to think that we have been stay together since early days,
But Himetan is going to graduate now..

As Himetan said on MC,
"Every Idol has their time limit, so please give them your love and supports so you won't regret it..
Please tell them how much you like them"

It made me thought that I would like to convey my feelings more deeply at the handshake meeting.

Kiichan Blog 171022

Good night everyone !
Kitano Hinako here.

We finished Under Live Kyushi Series safely.
Thanks to everyone, I could participated on Fukuoka performance *3rd day, Kagoshima and Miyazaki too.

While being asked to understand by members and staff-san,
I was supported a lot by them too.

I'm really thankful.
Thank you very much

And, Himechan.. Thank you for your hard work.
From now own, she will be an important existance
to me.
From a good friend to best friend.

Under Live,
It was a really touched period of time to feel the warmth and kindness from the members.

Members existence are important to me, and I love them.
I want to convey my gratitude to every member,
so I wish I could have the best timing to tell it to them !

Everyone, thank you for your hard work !
Though I'm still make you worried with my health condition,

Please take care of me.

Hime speech on senshuraku :

"Me and Kiichan are indebted to everyone (member) for this time.
I was sent to hospital for three and a half years due to illness and I thought that is already impossible. Lol (she laugh about it. Not in serious tone)

So that's why I decided to graduate without discussing it with anyone.

When I listened to Kiichan MC yesterday,
I was feeling sorry.
I also thought that is it okay for me to stay here?
I cried a lot during this live period. But everyone encouraged every time.

There was a time when I think that Nogizaka was more important than health..
Once again I thought that my place to come back is here.

There are happy things and painful things,
But honestly, there were a lot of painful things than the happy ones.. especially I cried a lot on this past year.

I want to laugh more in the future,
I don't want everyone to worry about me and please don't hold me back.

Members in here are sacrificing their physical condition, school,  and romance prohibition.
Especially under member, their troubles are doesn't run out.

I want them to have confidence in theirself, I want them to admit it and compliment it.

Every fans have their own oshimen.
Please give them your support on daily life rather than rushing because you won't know that every member has their time limit.
Please convey your love to them.

To everyone who supported us,
Thank you very much"

Kiichan :

"I forgot what to say... Lol
I was afraid to stand on the stage today.

Me and Himetan were in always the same position on the this 2 years and she always supported me.
Himetan always trying hard desperately to become an idol that she wanted to be.

After 14th single senbatsu announcement, I couldn't say anything when I saw Himetan crying so hard.

I stand on the stage today because I think about Himetan who pulled herself to do her best."

There still a lot to catch on other under member blogs,
Sorry for keeping it centered to Hime ๐Ÿ˜‚

Under Live Kyushu Tour Series 2017,

From Oita




Under Live will keep continue to sail !
And the next is Kinki Shikoku Series
From 13th to 18th December
13 : Osaka
14 : Shiga
15 : Kobe
17 : Tokushima
18 : Kagawa

Prepare yourself ! (And the maney too)
You can ask me to become your tour guide tho :v
Or ask about the ticket is okay too :v

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