Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Under Live Kyushu Tour 2017 - Fukuoka Kouen 1st day 171016 Report

Hello ! Good night !
Fuu here~

I want to do report about my first Nogizaka46 live experience.

From Jakarta to Fukuoka !
I arrived at 13th Friday 🔥

Skip to the concert day !

I went to the concert place on 00:15 pm.
I Took the wrong bus, lol
And too bad the right bus was stopped not in the place that I hope so I need to took another bus to go to Fukuoka International Convention Center.

Arrived at 01:30 pm but the line queue for goods were already too long.
I queued for around 2 or 3 hours in middle of light rain...
It was so cold, and it felt like I was the only gaijin there omg..


On the counter, all "Himetan" goods were sold out.. Omg
So I just bought t-shirt, and pen light since I only have one.

Gate open at 5 pm
I'm waiting on the front door,

The bags and identification check were not taking a lot of time.
Go to toilet (important)
Take a photo with stand flowers.

Then I went to my seat who located in stands 3 (kinda high, but no one in front of me.. And people on my right was not coming so I could move freely)

Kage-ana : Yuttan-Chiharu (Chiichan with her usual kamikami 😂)

Show started !

Curtain open,
The prolog was so dramatic.

Members were dancing with piano tunes of every main single.
Curtain closed,

Overture !!!!!!

*Jiyuu no Kanata - Hime center

*Shitto no Kenri - Hime center

*Futougou - Hime center

*Ano hi - Ranze Miria Wcenter

*Wakaregiwa - Miria center

*Buranko - Ranze center


Girls Rule - Hime Center

Taiyou Knock - Hime Center

Hadashi de summer - Hinachima Center


Unit songs

*Women can't sleep alone -  Rotti Yuttan Ranze Miria Renachi

*Muhyoujou (Ayane-Kotoko-KawagoP) they did janken in the end of the song, kawagoP lost and she did cute gesture and finished it with Himetan beam.

*Taiyou ni kudokarete - Noujou & Junna (back dancer : Kannarin, Hinachima Iori *hottt*

*Sukima (Karin-Chiharu) the top 2 best vocal in Nogi... Its so gooodddd OMGGGGG

*13th Friday (Yuttan center)

*Ookami (Hinachima Kannarin center)

MC answering question

Question : tell us your secret with someone.

*Kotoko :
"During Jiyuu no kanata there was a time when my eyes met with KawagoP,

And we promised that we will did something together. This time I did shiro-me (eyes going all white) so Kawago P did it too."
Kotoko teased KawagoP being so superbly cute with those eyes lol

So KawagoP did it once again with camera zoom in 😂
KawagoP said : thank you for telling me cute, but I knew that it's actually ugly. So it's kinda hurt. LoL

Question : Things that made you angry, and who is that?

*Ranze :
"dressing room is aligned by generation and in name orders,

Shinuichi, Suzuki, Ranze.

There was a time when Shinuichi Mai-chun stretched her looong legs up to my places.

Though I was angry, and keep saying that your  legs are long, but Maichun enjoyed it.. Lol
So please come to her handshake and say it (your legs is long huh)

She will gladly accept it lol"

Btw Hime was not in this unit songs.

MC : Itou Karin
Monologue about under 😭

*Under - Hime center

*Koko ni Iru Riyu - Ayane center

*Kikkake - Ranze Miria Wcenter

*Boku ga Ikanakya - Ranze Miria Wcenter

*Fuusen - Miria center

*Itsukadekiru - Ranze Miria Wcenter

Speech : Hinachima
Talking about under 😭

*Boku dake no Hikari - Hinachima center / Ballad ver.

*hime was not in above performance, only in under and Koko ni iru riyuu*


*My Rule - Hinachima center
*Seifuku no Mannequin

*House !!!!!

*Natsu no free&easy

Yuttan talk about her will.
She's been practicing what to say on mc,
But she crying so hard and forgot what to say..
But she clearly said that "Things that I only want to continue is Nogizaka46"

Hime talk about Kiichan
* "We've been in the same position on this 1 year.
And when we were choosen as 15th single senbatsu, we made this promise :

[ Though we are the only member who has little experience as senbatsu (on this senbatsu),
Let's pull up this senbatsu with our singing and dancing experience that we gained on under live ! ]

That's why, on every live rehearsal
She always sing seriously and dance with full power !

On today rehearsal,
she stand on the very front and did her best
And it give me a lot of power.

And when I absent on 17th single,
She said this to me :
"I will protect your place until you come again,
So don't worry and please take a good rest"

And when we choosen as under center, she said this to me :
"I'm so happy to be center together with Himetan.
We can sing side by side,
it's make me really happ and encouraging me too !"

But, we haven't do Under performance with 2 center.
I was absent on summer tour,
And on this 3 performance we haven't do it too (Oita 2, Fukuoka 1).

To stand on center position alone is uneasy,
There was like some big power is missing.

That's why,
I could feel wonderfully with my body that Kiichan was did her best on summer tour, she even did it for everyone part.

It's kinda embarrassing to say it in front of her,
But now, on this Fukuoka International Center
I hope this message can reach her

Kiichan place is protected by everyone (member) here, so please don't worry.. Instead, please be relieved.

But after all, to perform with 17 persons is unsatisfactory.
We need you.
I love you~"

I hope Kiichan can come back soon.
From now on, please support Nogizaka46 and members who stand in here too.*

Ranze Miria :
Himeka-san always said a good speech..
But she rarely crying lol.
Though we saw a lot of Hime fans who wiping their tears with their towel

*Hime dry side.. *hime laughing like evil*

Last song,

Let's singing and dancing together !
*Nogizaka no Uta

*concert end*

Important Notes :
Hime mc talk was so cute..

I couldn't explain it cutely with my translation, but please imagined and read it with hime cute tone.


I typed this on 1 am, so please bear any mistake since it's pretty cold here.. Lol.

Thanks for reading !


  1. Thanks for the report! Looks like you had a good time. I wish I could've gone to see Himetan before she graduates.

    How did you remember the set list, the MC parts, and Himetan's speech? Did you write it down while watching the concert?

    1. For The setlist and hime speech, this site is helping me a lot http://nogizaka-46bunno1.blog.jp/archives/72737393.html

      And for other mc like kotoko and ranze, it leave a big impact to me so I can still remember it 😂😂

  2. Hello, tks for the report!
    May I can get your permision to translate this blog!? Ofc I'll keep all credit for you XD

    Best wishs to you!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I was posting in my blog, tks for the permision and pls enjoy your best XD