Saturday, June 24, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170622


Blt graph is on sale now !

Because the shooting place was in the same old private house like in the Futougou MV,
I felt nostalgic and excited ! !

You might aware about it when you look at the corridor on the first pict above.

Sunday night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

Our guest last week were Kitano Hinako-chan and Terada Ranze-chan !

The eyes are dead~~

Through Radio,
I know that I don't like to be alone,
And I like to talk with other people.

Two guests came, and the excitement was twice as much !
It was so fun ! !

If you talking about France language, it should remind you to Cinq Etoille !


7/1~ Nogizaka46 Manatsu no Zenkoku Tour 2017

2016.8.28-30 JINGU STADIUM

I got 4th BDL Blu-ray !

I'm glad Nogidan is also recorded.
For me, there are many stories that will appear if we remember the moment when we sing under song on the 3rd day.

This is the first imaging for KimiBoku and the other song later !
(They only did 11th single main song a.k inochi wa utsukushii on the 2nd bday live. So it was kimiboku first performance on bday live)
I'm so happy.

These days I often feel lonely..
I don't know why, I'm afraid I can not tell it with the right sentence..
But maybe it's just because I get too distracted... Or maybe I'm just sad.

I think about the time that can not come back.
And in the end we will end up being alone.

Lol.. I don't know why I'm thinking about such thing... Hahaha..

Recently she went to a hairdresser.
Fresh Monika-chan.


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