Friday, August 7, 2015

Its August!

Its already August!
summer time!
and its remind us to the worst bomb ever in the world....

yes. The bomb which was hit my beloved oshimen hometown...

Its had been 70th years old since the bomb hit Hiroshima on 6 August 1945
I reccomended you to watch and listen to this story
When I watch it, its makes me shiver, pain, and crying in the same....

and dont forget, after watch that...
please listen to this song...

8月の空 (Hachi Gatsu no Sora) By Mebius

That song is soo HIT for me. Trust me, that song really gives the vibe of that 'tragedy'
and also good for your soul... ! (HA)


The cast (main cast it seems) in that PV IS OUR BELOVED OSHIMEN~~~~~~~!

Its such a great honour for Himetan to be casted in mv song that presence her beloved hometown. Thankyou very much Mebius san!

AND its such a great surprise for me to see her cute and young face in that mv~! 
(like "eh? is it really her? EEHHH? really??" /watch it for the 2nd time/ "ah yes! its her~! aaaaaa~~~ so kyuttttt~~ kyaaaahhh)

Nah. Here its Hachi Gatsu no Sora Lyrics (cant find the copy paste lyric) so here the lyric link
or here

And here the english translation :

On The August Sky

Sunflowers are swinging under the August sky
One might think that this city has lost the light
But why the flowers bloom?
Why so many faces overflowing joy?

On the surface of the water where the sun reflects
The birds rest their wings
In the passage of time, as evidence
Happiness is ...

To not forget
For this never happens
Let us hold hands and sing "Love & Peace"
We who have wept the sadness
Lets laugh, and move forward

Sunny mornings and rainy nights
Nothing is certain
But what I want to tell you, to you for me
It is that happiness exists

This story that has passed
This message that we embrace
The flame of love shines
The breeze from somewhere gently envelops us
And transports our tomorrows

To not forget
For this never happens
Let us hold hands and sing "Love & Peace"
We who have wept the sadness
Lets laugh, and move forward
In order that this path shine ...

To not forget
For this never happens
Let us hold hands and sing "Love & Peace"
We who have wept the sadness
Lets laugh, and move forward
In order that this path shine
Laugh, and move forward

Prayers woven one by one
As greeting all colors
Skyward fly on the wing
They are what bind us to our future
These thousand prayers

ahh... now let me crying again..

read Maaya chan blog about Hiroshima Bomb tragedy is a nice ending to make you crying more.... uhm~

another news, on 5 august 2015.. Nogizaka46 Manatsu Zenkoku Tour in Sendai #1st day..
in the mc part, Himetan said that she will stop using twintail after the tours end (30/8)

AH... somehow it brokes my lil' heart...
I dont know I should happy or not T_T himetan become an adult... T_T 
but I like her forever 17 yo T^T
you can use any hairstyle tho TwT do what you want. do what you like. 
Because I like the way you are.. T^T

In other hand, you must listen to the latest Rajira Sunday!
Himetan as the main MC~! (IT SO F CUTE~!)

She also tell many things about her relationship with su-chan (Nakamoto Suzuka) (which is a rare things she talked about) like :
- su-chan called himetan by "himetan", not oneesan or oneechan... but she do use "oneechan" to call her oldest sister... lol! poor himetan :(
- su-chan and himetan fashion style is very different, himetan like lovely fashion, and su-chan like 'chic' style... but su-chan like to use himetan clothes.. "それが私のでしょ!” (笑)
- himetan close with her mother, and su-chan close with her eldest sister..
- and himetan school uniforms was hand-down from her sister... but su-chan school uniforms was new brand.... lol!!! poor himetan X'D

but! I found this a while time ago...
I dont know when that photo was taken, and i cant really clarify the girl on the left side is himetan (but I bet it must be himetan) 
Did they go to matsuri together~~? /kyahhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~/
I hope they relationship can getting closer~~~
Su-chan~~~ please call himetan w/ oneechan~~~ :p

also! when the tour in Sendai.. himetan was paired up in the same hotel room with ikuchan..
then, they send an Happy Birthday Voice Massage to Kannarin right when the 6 august came (00.00 am) :333
it must be very cute~~ and must be had nice harmony in it :3 ehehehehehe~~~ 

I think its enough for today!

Hope you guys have a nice weekend~~!
and hope I can get Himetan towel ;w;w;w;w;w;w;



  1. it's an old pic (around 2011), originally posted in himetan's blog when she's sitll a member of splash

    1. ah~~! thankyou very much!

      I will research hime blog when she still a member of splash now..

      once again, thankyou!