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Himetan Relationship Chart in Nogizaka46

First Official Entry!


I've been thinking about this since a long time ago.... but couldnt write or even make it down.
AND after watching Nogizaka Kojichuu last night (Marika episode) which it I cant understand.... but himetan and ikuchan 'talk' suddenly made my mood boosted up!

this is it!!
Himetan Relationship Chart in Nogizaka46 by me

For you who newly know about himetan or nogizaka46.
I think this chart could help you even just for a bit (●⌒∇⌒●)

let me explain it one by one~!

1. Himetan - Ikuchan - Chiharu 
(Chusan Trio or third junior high school trio)
because since Nogizaka46 first audition, they three were in the 3rd junior high school. Their togetherness started with studying together. They three are top 16 Smart People in nogizaka46. You can check their segment at Nogidoko episode 178. Recommended episode!

2. Himetan - Kanarin 

(Idol and Wota) Himetan is famous for her Idol aura (皆さんのアイドル)
and Kanarin is famous for being an Otaku. Or I could say she is the Otaku for ALL idol. Their playful talk and act.. so kyuuuuuttt.../ughhhhh/ you can check it on Nogiten! there are many episode which contain with their "icha icha" scene~! Mostly on Nogiten episode 7, 9, 10, 11! But I recommended all episode (except golf). Maybe later I will post their cutted video! 

3. Himetan - Sayunyan 

(Best friend) support each other, love each other (in friendship way). Sayunyan like himetan being ijime (ドs Sayunyan) and (ドM Himetan) d'BEST!

4. Himetan - Marika 

(Nakai combi) same like sayunyan. They support each other, but mainly its marika who give advices. For me, Marika is the best Motivator in nogi (i dont know why, but my heart can feel it)

5. Himetan - Sayunyan - Marika 

(trio onsen?) Been together for christmas since two years ago. Christmas in Japan is famous for couple. So? fuuufufufufu~~ what? thats mean they are close in private (●´∀`●)

6. Himetan - Ashurin 

(Kakusha Shakai combi) Negative peoples united. (count me in oi!)
getting so close because they were in Undergirls (7x) also senbatsu together (just once tho). Privately close, helping each other for taking picts for blog and mobame, like to go out together in their spare time. Himetan is the neesan, and ashurin is the warukuchi imouto.  Love them so much!

7. Himetan - Ikuchan 

(ラブラブ?)fresh info from kojichuu, Himetan and Ikuchan always (or not) sit together in Bus. Ikuchan is famous for her high tension in bus (everywhere, especially at night. nocturnal huh?) Got yelled by other member to keep silence, but she knock it off with "whuuuuuuu". Its just himetan who can shut ikuchan tension down... (Suspicious)

8. Himetan - Miria. 

Based from rajira sunday 150419, there was a question from fan : "in Nogizaka46, who is member that you want to go to date with?" Himetan answer is Miria, because she is so cute, and her mochi cheek is the main reason.

9. Himetan -> Misa Senpai, Maimai, Yuttan, Maichun. 

These four are oneesan role for himetan.
Hime with misa senpai been together for under since 1st single - 7th single, too many scene of them which could make my heart feel warms.
Maimai is a seibo (holy mother) in Nogizaka46, she's close with all member, of course with himetan too!
Yuttan is official proclaimed oneesan for himetan. watch nogiroom from nogibingo3 episode 7! recommended!
Maichun!! cutest OL aidoru, had take care of himetan in paris for nogiten works, then being close with working more together for nogiten (watch it on nogiten eps 29!)

10. Himetan - Sayurin, Himetan - Manatsu

"Business" pair for works
With Sayurin on nogibingo4 eps 9 which they form a "suit-ribbon" hero
With Manatsu, mostly for radio program or magazine. Beam vs Zukkyun. (el - classico competition)

11. Himetan - Kawago Hina

Forever himetan bully (イジメ)
always bullying himetan whenever she have a 'chance'. But, they relationship is kinda nice! Hinapyon like himetan sister (Nakamoto Suzuka - Babymetal) so much. They often watch babymetal concert together, and even do karaoke together (with suzuka too!)

12. Himetan - Noujo Ami

Double vocal (their official combi name... maybe)
Being double vocal for Nogidan. And always sing for some part of lyrics together..
Recently on #ひめーる Himetan said she want to meet noujo... (she wrote that she really, really, really want to meet noujo. idk why.... she didnt write the reason. STHAP making me curious oi!)

13. Himetan - Maaya

Hiroshima combi. The only member who came from Hiroshima. Always took a bus or shinkanshen together (with naachan too) from Hiroshima to Tokyo (for rehearsal every week) before they moved to Tokyo. Not that close :/  the only member of Nogizaka46 who born in April. -fate-

Thats it!
After all himetan is a childish aidoru, forever 17th y.o idol, and everyone love her!
you too right?

There also "love each other and three angle" in the chart.
I will write about that later, (because its sooooo complicated) together with other member chart!

Please wait for it~~


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